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Showing posts from April, 2018

i am a bougie girl: 44...and about to do it some more

So far, 44 is amazing.

i am a bougie girl: A Day In The Park

A day in the park with the foster kiddo means lots of walking, laughing, and random silliness.

i am a bougie girl: Business Life

Earlier this week, I had an important epiphany about my career path. Life design has always been a huge part of my career path. After a few years, of wandering lost, I finally have a new vision for my career.

i am a bougie girl: Setback A Comin'

I just experienced a minor setback in  my Supply Chain studies. In the scheme things, this setback is more of a blip but, annoying nonetheless. I saw this setback coming earlier in the week but, I attempted to power through to less than stellar results.

Divatosity:Lights In Church

Earlier this week, we sat in church and listened to the pastor's message of hope. Yet, I found myself entranced by the shape of the light fixtures. These fixtures have a distinct style and I envisioned a truncated version of them hanging in my foyer.