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Major Blog Merger...

Once upon a time, I started a blog...or four. It was exciting for the first few months and then it became a struggle to consistently post. The ideas kept flowing but, my time to write about them had disappeared.

Recently, I have made the difficult decision to bring all of my blogs to a central location.

Effective immediately, I am consolidating the following blogs onto this page:

1. Divatosity

2. Hometown Nomad

3.Bougie Girl Coaching

4.Bougie Girl University

I tried to do this a couple of years ago and the undertaking failed. Mostly, because I was unable to successfully merge the blogs. However, yesterday I was able to merge all of the blogs together. Though, not without a bit of a technical struggle.

I will be spending the next few weeks removing duplicate entries which occurred during the merging process.

Still, I am so relieved to have a majority of this merger process completed.

Recent posts

i am a bougie girl: First Swim Lesson

Today,  Little FK attended her first swimming lesson. She was both nervous and excited for this moment. I watched her confidently attempted to ice scream scoop herself across the pool with the help of the instructor.
After today's lesson, we headed off to the read to a dog event at a nearby library. 
"Auntie L, I had so much fun today."
Sometimes, fostering kiddos can be a difficult undertaking. However, today was not one of those days.

i am a bougie girl: Going Forward

Last year, I decided to shutdown my other blogs and focus solely on writing for this one. It worked at first however, I missed writing about the subjects which I covered in those other blogs. I am at the point where I want to take another hiatus from writing those other blogs.

Perhaps, there is a better long term solution to this problem. I am still working that out in my mind.

Divatosity: A bit o' ribbon

Last Sunday, we were all still steeped within the haze of the holiday season. This ribbon is a simple reminder of how much fun I had during the holidays. On Christmas Eve, I scrambled to help Santa with his gifts and then had to plan a birthday party a few days later. The good news is that we all somehow survived and actual had fun.

i am a bougie girl: Show 'Em A Little Sass...

Bring your sass out and rock it without apology. It is 2018 and the time to shine is now. 

Divatosity: Striped Palettes Are So Much Fun!

This color palette is a good precursor for Spring...which cannot get to the Midwest soon enough. This color palette makes me want to sit outside on the patio of a bistro. I imagine myself seated on an elegant black wrought iron chair surrounded by dear friends.