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i am a bougie girl: Before Photo

The "before" photo from today's hair appointment.
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i am a bougie girl: Thursday Night Out...

This past Thursday, we toured a local bourbon distillery and afterwards were treated to several samples. This was my first time touring a bourbon distillery. 
My fellow bourbon tourists were good company and I will more than likely make plans to go back.

i am a bougie girl: A Moment

It only took a moment for me to decide. In that moment, clarity washed over me. I saw a woman struggling to convince the world of her value. Each failed attempt brought me closer to the soul of who I truly am. 
I am a woman of value and I must never forget that again.

i am a bougie girl: The Part About Patience

I have been seeing and feeling more things coming together in unexpected ways. The road head does not seem so daunting now. One of the key components of putting my life back together is having long range vision for the future but, somehow still working  within the present moment.

Also, I have experienced this shift within my soul. The core of who I am has returned from a long sabbatical. Over the years, this core part of me would show up to visit temporarily and then quickly disappear again. My constant attempts to summon it back went mostly ignored.

I felt abandoned by my own inner core! How does this even happen?

I had to turn to a haphazard practice of patience which is not my strongest suit by far.

i am a bougie girl: Threshold For Love

Everyone has a certain threshold for love...or their interpretation of it. For some people, love is gentle, kind, and even a bit magical. In their world, love is always pleasant and never involves sacrifice. As soon as a hint of adversity enters their relationship, they bolt onto the next person and start the courtship process all over again. Never quite understanding that one cannot simply elude setbacks forever. Perhaps one day, they will learn.

In my world, love contains light with just the right amount of fierceness added to keep things interesting. And by fierceness, I am not referring to unnecessary psyhcodrama which leaves everyone involved exhausted and more than a bit emotionally shaken. I want a love that can endure rough seasons and appreciate quiet ones.