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Saturday, August 1, 2015

What He Meant To Tell You...But, Never Got Around To Doing So.

He meant to tell you about his never-ending roster of women but, he never got around to doing so.
He could have told you before you exchanged rings but, why would he want you to know? If you were aware of his roster filled with exes, maybes, and potentials then you would have fled in the other direction.

No, he assured you that all of his exes were crazy and completely out of the picture. You believed him had your first major disagreement. He changes the subject mid argument and starts to tell you how his other exes are way cooler than you are. You are stunned.

Where the hell had that statement come from?

You stand there with your mouth gaping open and a huge fissure in your heart.

Instead of apologizing or even going silent, he proceeds to tell you the whole reason why he proposed to you. Turns out it has nothing to do with wanting to share a life with you. His first choice would have required him to grow as a person...and that is something he has been actively avoiding for decades.

Tears are falling down your face but, this only seems to spur on his cruelty. He rambles on for a few minutes more and you think about how you have changed your name and moved mountains to be with him. Your thoughts briefly go to the one that got away from him. You envy and hate her at the same time. She is probably somewhere not being insulted on her honeymoon and thanking her lucky stars that she was able to get away from him.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Stepping Out Of His Shadow

She stepped out of his shadow and realized that there was a whole new life waiting to be embraced. Sure, the memories that they once shared would always be a part of her but, her soul could not exist on those alone. She was someone outside of him. She always had been but, during her youth she did not know how to assert that part of herself.

Instead, she became an expert at riding his coattails and expecting him to constantly take care of her. Yes, she was emotionally and financially draining. But, not in a malicious way. It was the only way that she knew how to be. For years, she blamed him for leaving her and every bad piece of luck that came her way. It never occurred to her that his absence was an awesome gift that would free her up to finally find her own voice.