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Friday, July 22, 2016

Bougie Girl: Courtship Essays-The Other Side Of Courtship

There is a moment in every courtship in which the metaphorical veil lifts and you are given an honest view of the other person.

Sometimes, you are pleasantly surprised and feel excited for the relationship to unfold.

Other times, you struggle to find away to gracefully extract yourself from a situation that is on the fast track for becoming a toxic nightmare of epic proportions.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bougie Girl: Courtship Essays- Court The One You're With...

A courtship has to be filled with honesty and respect. Love will come later...maybe. Sometimes, we do not have the luxury of true heart bursting love. Instead, your courtship may be filled with a huge helping of respect and along with a healthy dose of warm feelings.

You may never experience a hurricane of passion in the presence of your beau. Alas, over time, intense passion has a tendency to fade into the ether. Especially, after the reality of bills, schedules, and other adult responsibilities start coming to fruition.

Now, if you choose the path of respect and warm feelings, you will experience contentment beyond your wildest dreams. All things will seem possible because you are not chasing after a fleeting emotion that never strikes the same place twice.