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i am a bougie girl: A Little Respite

I am looking forward to a relaxing Sunday Brunch tomorrow amidst the chaos of my class final and this week's meal prep. I know that everything will come out alright. My final will get turned in, this week's meals will be prepared, and brunch tomorrow will be fun.
Thank goodness for a little respite.
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Divatosity: Retro Patterns...Bold and Muted

I saw this pattern and it made me think of the early part of my Midwestern childhood during the 1970's and 1980's. The colors are a mixture of bold and muted tones.

i am a bougie girl: No Makeup...Not A Care

This week was CRAZY! I managed to finish up a project for class but, it took just about everything out of me. Now, I am prepping for the final project which is not due for another week or so. During my brief hiatus from school work, I am in house cleaning mode. My diva about town life is on hiatus for the next few months. Most evenings and weekends, I am a makeup free worker bee.

Divatosity: South American Fabric

Earlier today, we stopped by a South American exhibit at the Johnson County Library. It was a simple exhibit filled with various artifacts. However, what stood out to me were the brightly colored table runners holding the artifacts.

i am a bougie girl: Good Luck!

Earlier this afternoon, I stood in the laundromat shoveling sheets into an industrial sized dryer. The clock on the wall let me know that I had another hour before picking up the foster kiddo from school.
So many things were racing through my mind as I checked and re-checked my mental to-do list. Seemingly from out of nowhere, this balloon descended right in front of me. It bounced around for a few minutes and then floated away as though its message was not the divine intervention that I had been seeking all along.

Divatosity: Subtle With A Splash Of Bold

I would love to see this pattern on the floor of my entry way.   I envision this flooring with a  fluffy crimson colored throw rug  

i am a bougie girl: The Wistfulness In Wasting Time

Wasting time does not happen by accident.  It takes a huge amount of energy to wile away your life. Of course, in the moment, you may not feel the life force as it slowly being drained from your soul. Rest assured it is being drained from you nonetheless.

Wistfulness has you clutched in its depths. It blinds you to the current reality of your life.