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Low Impact Halloween Decorating

Fall is on its way! Alas, earlier this week, the summer weather decided to hang on just a little bit longer...  As a result, I had to get up at the crack of dawn to work on spray painting the stones shown within the photo.

I chose to spray paint the stone black because it adds an overall versatility to my backyard design. The stones were approximately $1.98 from Home Depot (not a sponsor). They are covering a gap in the fencing that separates my backyard patio with that of my neighbors.
The original color of the wreath was a dusty brown which I spray painted black.  I wrapped Halloween decorations from The Dollar Tree (not a sponsor) around the wreath. In addition, I also placed synthetic pumpkins purchased from The Dollar Tree on top of a recently re-purposed treadmill
In incorporated the turquoise pillow as a symbol of summer not being ready to leave.
The total cost of the Halloween decorations was about six dollars. The treadmill was rescued from my mother's basement. The sp…

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