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i am a bougie girl: A Little Respite

I am looking forward to a relaxing Sunday Brunch tomorrow amidst the chaos of my class final and this week's meal prep. I know that everything will come out alright. My final will get turned in, this week's meals will be prepared, and brunch tomorrow will be fun.
Thank goodness for a little respite.

Divatosity: Retro Patterns...Bold and Muted

I saw this pattern and it made me think of the early part of my Midwestern childhood during the 1970's and 1980's. The colors are a mixture of bold and muted tones.

i am a bougie girl: No Makeup...Not A Care

This week was CRAZY! I managed to finish up a project for class but, it took just about everything out of me. Now, I am prepping for the final project which is not due for another week or so. During my brief hiatus from school work, I am in house cleaning mode. My diva about town life is on hiatus for the next few months. Most evenings and weekends, I am a makeup free worker bee.