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Divatosity: South American Fabric

Earlier today, we stopped by a South American exhibit at the Johnson County Library. It was a simple exhibit filled with various artifacts. However, what stood out to me were the brightly colored table runners holding the artifacts.

i am a bougie girl: Good Luck!

Earlier this afternoon, I stood in the laundromat shoveling sheets into an industrial sized dryer. The clock on the wall let me know that I had another hour before picking up the foster kiddo from school.
So many things were racing through my mind as I checked and re-checked my mental to-do list. Seemingly from out of nowhere, this balloon descended right in front of me. It bounced around for a few minutes and then floated away as though its message was not the divine intervention that I had been seeking all along.

Divatosity: Subtle With A Splash Of Bold

I would love to see this pattern on the floor of my entry way.   I envision this flooring with a  fluffy crimson colored throw rug  

i am a bougie girl: The Wistfulness In Wasting Time

Wasting time does not happen by accident.  It takes a huge amount of energy to wile away your life. Of course, in the moment, you may not feel the life force as it slowly being drained from your soul. Rest assured it is being drained from you nonetheless.

Wistfulness has you clutched in its depths. It blinds you to the current reality of your life.

i am a bougie girl: February 2018...The Level Up Is Real

The past month and half has been filled with level up moments. (WAY too many to count.) Looking through the world in level up lenses simplifies my life so much. It forces to prioritize and to be constantly mindful of how my action coincide with leveling up my life.
For example, I used to spend my days off binge watching television whilst doing household chores. My main objective used to be leaving the house early to grocery shop and then getting home for the day before noon. After running these errands, I puttered around my townhouse, redecorating rooms and planning future projects.
Fast forward to now, when I am now responsible for getting a tiny human to and from school five days. In addition, I have to stay on top of her extra curricular activities as well as my school work.
My time management skills have gone from okay to excellent. I am a prioritizing machine. Some days, I can barely stay up past 8:30 pm. but, it is well worth it. 

i am a bougie girl: Skating Parties

Earlier this week, I headed out to the foster kiddo's first school skating party. She was both nervous and excited. We opted to rent one of the skate mate contraptions which is designed to act as a training wheel of sorts to beginning skaters. 
She rolled out onto the floor a bit nervously. Three songs later, she gave it back to me and skated back onto the floor filled with renewed confidence. She was having the time of her life. Towards the end of the evening she opted to use the skate mate again.
Apparently, some of the older kids kept falling around her and it caused her to also take a tumble. 
I was very proud of her for being brave enough to skate on her own and for admitting that she needed some additional help.