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i am a bougie girl: Imperfection Is Alright With Me

For too many years, I wrapped myself in the cloak of perfection. I did not realize that this cloak had placed me on the wrong track in life. It caused me to waste a lot of precious time and alienate great people.  Just recently, I unfurled the cloak of perfection from my psyche and packed it away forever. 

Bougie Girl University: Friday Night Homework Party!!!

Ain't no party like a homework party.

 I am home on a Friday night prepping my first ever homework assignment for my one of my Supply Chain classes. This is the stuff that career renaissance dreams are made of.

Most days, I get up at 3:45 am to get a jump on attending and/or studying for my online classes. The first week of this schedule was brutal but, I have since adjusted to this new reality.

Divatosity: Art Space

Last month, the foster kiddo spent a few days exploring the possibilities of painting with water colors. I created an art space of sorts to create her masterpieces. The table was purchased a few years ago for under $20 at a chain discount store. The green cup is from a nation wide dollar store and she used it to clean her brushes.
The particle board square is actually one of the shelves from my nightstand. I had her lay the canvas/construction paper down on the particle board square to minimize the potential mess. 
As a result of her painting, the particle board was given an unexpected though not unwelcome makeover. Not pictured is the shoe box in which she currently keeps her painting supplies. 

Divatosity: Delicate Treasures

This small bag gracefully holds earrings, hairpins, wine charms, and other delicate treasures. Its delicacy adds an unexpected design benefit to my jewelry table.

Major Blog Merger...

Once upon a time, I started a blog...or four. It was exciting for the first few months and then it became a struggle to consistently post. The ideas kept flowing but, my time to write about them had disappeared.

Recently, I have made the difficult decision to bring all of my blogs to a central location.

Effective immediately, I am consolidating the following blogs onto this page:

1. Divatosity

2. Hometown Nomad

3.Bougie Girl Coaching

4.Bougie Girl University

I tried to do this a couple of years ago and the undertaking failed. Mostly, because I was unable to successfully merge the blogs. However, yesterday I was able to merge all of the blogs together. Though, not without a bit of a technical struggle.

I will be spending the next few weeks removing duplicate entries which occurred during the merging process.

Still, I am so relieved to have a majority of this merger process completed.

i am a bougie girl: First Swim Lesson

Today,  Little FK attended her first swimming lesson. She was both nervous and excited for this moment. I watched her confidently attempted to ice scream scoop herself across the pool with the help of the instructor.
After today's lesson, we headed off to the read to a dog event at a nearby library. 
"Auntie L, I had so much fun today."
Sometimes, fostering kiddos can be a difficult undertaking. However, today was not one of those days.

i am a bougie girl: Going Forward

Last year, I decided to shutdown my other blogs and focus solely on writing for this one. It worked at first however, I missed writing about the subjects which I covered in those other blogs. I am at the point where I want to take another hiatus from writing those other blogs.

Perhaps, there is a better long term solution to this problem. I am still working that out in my mind.

Divatosity: A bit o' ribbon

Last Sunday, we were all still steeped within the haze of the holiday season. This ribbon is a simple reminder of how much fun I had during the holidays. On Christmas Eve, I scrambled to help Santa with his gifts and then had to plan a birthday party a few days later. The good news is that we all somehow survived and actual had fun.

i am a bougie girl: Show 'Em A Little Sass...

Bring your sass out and rock it without apology. It is 2018 and the time to shine is now. 

Divatosity: Striped Palettes Are So Much Fun!

This color palette is a good precursor for Spring...which cannot get to the Midwest soon enough. This color palette makes me want to sit outside on the patio of a bistro. I imagine myself seated on an elegant black wrought iron chair surrounded by dear friends.