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i am bougie girl: Major Life Rebuild

I am still in the midst of a major life rebuild. During this time, one of the biggest challenges that I am facing is patience with the process. It took my life a good 3 years to completely unravel. I have only been in serious rebuilding mode for less than six months. By my estimate, I have at least another year before things stabilize.

Girl, Rock Your Size: Tangled Up In The Color Blue

Stay warm this Fall with this blue long-sleeved knit top with beaded neckline. Throw these over a pair of leggings or a pair of skinny jeans. 
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Hometown Nomad: Overland Park Farmer's Market

Yesterday morning, I went to a nearby Farmer's Market to browse the produce and to get a shot of creative inspiration. I parked about 2 blocks away from the Farmer's Market. I strolled down the street snapping cell phone photos of the architecture of the buildings which housed local businesses. I made note of several restaurants and cafes that I have been wanting to try.

As I walked closer to Farmer's Market entrance, I heard a live bluegrass band jammin' out to the folk classic entitled "Rocky Top.". I may have hummed a few bars of the tune whilst walking towards the produce stalls.

Even at 8 am on a Saturday morning, the walkways of the Farmer's Market are jammed with people. Some are sauntering down the walkway whilst chatting with their companions. Others are meticulously looking over the produce and other wares.

The underlying vibe at the Overland Park Farmer's market is one of happiness and fellowship. Silently, I deride myself for not coming out h…

Divatosity: White, Blue & Gray Color Swatch

This color swatch makes think of wall coverings, wrapping paper, floor coverings, plates, and/or mugs. 

i am a bougie girl: Turning My Back On The Past

I am living in a new reality. One that involves lots of writing, cell phone photography, and exploration. As a result, I have turned my back on past worries and events that are out of my control. It has not been easy. The core of who I am has relied on being able to keep things somewhat orderly. However, now I am  merging the creative aspects of life with the organizational ones. It has not always gone smoothly but, it needed to happen for me to hit some important creative milestones. 

i am a bougie girl:Tabula Rasa in Summer 2017

A clean slate can appear in your life out of nowhere. At first, you may cringe and turn away from its benevolent offering. Why? Perhaps, you rather enjoy the current state of your life. It may not be perfect but, it is familiar and a little comforting.
A few weeks ago, I was right there with you. Living a good life but, feeling as though it could be better in some ways. Along comes destiny with its offering of a fresh start. My first instinct was to cling to my previous existence. It was a good life. 
Yet, something within in me yearned to take my life to the next level. I focused on that desire and grasped the clean slate with both hands. 

Hometown Nomad: Shogun Steak & Sushi (Restaurant Review)

Last week, I took a chance on trying a different sushi restaurant.  We arrived early afternoon and were seated immediately. The restaurant is located in the midst of a conglomerate of strip malls. It has the feel of the type of place where you run in for a quick lunch or takeout.
We ordered California Rolls, Sunshine Rolls, and Shrimp Tempura. A water and an iced tea.

My iced tea tasted watered down yet still quenched my thirst on a hot day.  I was still optimistic that the remainder of the meal would still be good.

The server brought our rolls and I noticed that they did not appear to be rolled very tightly. It almost looked like they were haphazardly placed on the plate. My dining companion and I exchanged a worried look but, began eating anyway.

Thankfully, the rolls tasted delicious. The ingredients were fresh. More than likely, I will wait a few months before going back to this restaurant. Also, I am well aware that sometimes the Saturday lunch shift can be harrowing for a first time…

Girl, Rock Your Size: Black Beaded Neckline

Night time is definitely the right time for this sassy top!
You can wear this top to work by adding it under a business suit. After the work day you can swap out the business suit for a pair of skinny jeans.
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Girl, Your Rock Your Size: How To Rock A Pair Of Shorts

Last year, I would have never worn a pair of shorts...let alone allowed myself to be photographed in them. However, this past summer has been a game-changer for me.  After a couple of 90 plus degree days, I decided that I needed to get over my fear of shorts stat.

Below are a couple of tips:

1. Determine your body type
There are several websites out there which are helpful for determining your specific body type. I have an athletic build with broad shoulders, long limbs, and narrower hips. After figuring out my body type, I did some searches on both Google and Pinterest to find out which celebrities are shaped similarly to me.

2. Go out and try on a couple different styles of shorts
In my case, I went into a couple of different stores and tried on knee-length shorts, mid-length shorts, and short shorts. In the end, the mid-length shorts won the day. They were the most flattering to my body and they offered me wardrobe versatility.

Girl, Rock Your Size: Orange Top With Splashes Of Silver

The end of the summer is near and this exciting top is beckoning to be worn.  You can rock this top with a pair of capris, shorts, jeans, skirt or even trousers.
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Divatosity: Backyard Furniture Al Fin

Earlier this week, I added another coat of paint to my patio furniture. The results were mixed. The paint looked much more even but, flipping the furniture over resulted in scratches to the top of both the table and chairs.
However, I have decided that I can live with those scratches and I am moving onto the next household project which will be de-glossing and spray painting some of my household furniture.

i am a bougie girl: Happy Hour

Earlier this evening, I attended an impromptu Happy Hour with a friend whose schedule is even busier than mine. We have been trying to coordinate schedules for the past six months. 
I am glad that we persisted in keeping the lines of communication open between us. 
Friendship, especially during our empire building forties requires patience, persistence, and flexibility.

Divatosity: Backyard Bliss

Earlier this summer, I completely overhauled my sad backyard. Admittedly, I felt overwhelmed by this large undertaking until I realized that I did not have to do everything right away. This realization made it easier for me to complete the project.

Divatosity: Star Hairclips

I just purchased these a few days ago from Ross Dress For Less for a whopping $1.99. They are perfect for those end of summer evenings spent outside sipping on zippy drinks.

i am a bougie girl: Poncho and Shorts

This is the first summer in over 16 years that I have rocked a pair of fashion shorts. I can't tell you exactly why I stopped wearing them. Perhaps, it was a couple of seasons of less than flattering trends in shorts that sent me running for skirts, dresses, and even jeans.
Now, I own six pairs of shorts which I purchased on sale at a nationwide chain retail store. Owning a few lightweight ponchos has also helped in lighting up my enthusiasm for wearing fashion shorts.

Divatosity: Bracelets On Display

Displaying your bracelets on a holder can give your dresser top both a splash of color and design dimension. This particular model runs anywhere from $7.99 to $10.00 and can be found at your local craft store.

i am a bougie girl: Impromptu Selfie

Sometimes, the urge to take a selfie outweighs my need to be punctual. It's a 2017 struggle that I am sure that others can more than relate to. I am in the midst of this major life reset and I want to capture as many moments as possible.

Divatosity: A Sneak Peek To Fall Accessories

This hairpin is the perfect accessory for a messy bun and a tweed jacket. Fall fashion can't come quick enough.