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I am a bougie girl: Mercury In Retrograde Is Toying With Me

Mercury in Retrograde is Toying with me in the worst way. Delays, misunderstandings,  and computer problems are just a few of the plagues which I have even dealing with.

Divatosity: Simple Jewelry Box

Years ago,  I was looking to upgrade my jewelry box from a plastic storage containers to something a little more refined.

At the time, this simple jewelry box fit the bill. I purchased it from a national discount store for about ten dollars.

Divatosity: Accent Colors

A casual Saturday night out with friends calls for a multi-color wrap accented with a bright blue necklace. I could have chosen the safe route and placed a black and/or a a pink necklace with this ensemble.

However, the newly acquired $8.00 blue necklace called to me from my jewelry box.

Divatosity: Sunshine and Boho Chic

The weather is warming up in the Midwest and for me that means wraps, bolder jewelry, big sunglasses, and wedge sandals.

I have been slowly adding Boho inspired pieces back into my wardrobe.

i am a bougie girl: Birthday Weekend!

Today is my birthday. I am so thankful to have awesome people in my life.

i am a bougie girl:Naturally Curly

I am growing hair back out and hoping to start wearing it curly by this time next year. Living back in a humid climate has definitely added a layer of challenge to my natural hair journey.

Divatosity: Casual Easter Fashion

I love Easter but, sometimes the thought of choosing the perfect dress or suit can be overwhelming. Especially, when you haven't quite shed your "Winter" body. This poncho fits nicely over a sleeveless dress or a pastel camisole with palazzo pants.
I plan on rocking this poncho for this year's Easter dinner.