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Reading Day

I am talking the next few hours off to read and listen to obscure opera scores. I am in the home stretch right before I open up my house for a foster care placement.

There is still plenty of work to be done but, I feel that today needs to be one rest and respite.

Friday Was A Blur

So, I had plans of posting an epic blog about cleaning out my mom's basement whilst also preparing my house to accept a foster placement.

However, things did not go as planned. The junk haulers were two hours late which threw everything off kilter. I had just enough time to shower, eat, and then make an appearance at a friend's birthday party. Some days are just like that.

The Madness of Saturdays...

In approximately two weeks, I am opening up my foster home. I am so excited and yet a little nervous because it feels as though this moment has taken forever. Right now, I am in the land of organization and decoration.

Truth be told, I could probably wrap up all of my home projects within three days but, there is something comforting about taking the long way through this process.

Don't Call It Love: Conclusion

The more you try to conform within a relationship, the worse life becomes.

A relationship is two people coming together to share a journey with one another.

There are times within the relationship journey in which happiness and luck shine down on a couple.

However, there are other legs of the journey filled with tears, recriminations, and bucket loads of disrespect.

But, the world does not seem to care about why the relationship is failing. In fact, according to the world, the couple should "stick it out" and do whatever it takes to make the relationship work.

The world never bothers to ask whether or not the couple's union is a healthy one. It will not even stop consider that walking away from a relationship is not a matter of giving up but, one of emotional survival.

Empathic Seeker: Eclipsing

Today was very intense. The energy was surging through just about all of my conversations and misunderstandings kept cropping up. I found myself feeling an unusually high level of frustration. 
Yet, by  day's end, the energy had mellowed out and I put some things in the rear-view mirror...never to be thought of again.

Don't Call It Love: Trapped And Not Happy

During my younger years, I watched my female peers set about the game of locking onto a male/target and doing everything in their power to reel him in. Now, sometimes, these ploys were as simple as cooking up his favorite dish or always being within a stone's throw of his vicinity.
But, some of my peers did not want to leave anything to chance so they took certain drastic measures to ensure that their target would be tied to them forever.  Some attempted to use metaphysical means and others went the route of pregnancy.
In the long run, neither of these methods are particularly effective for long lasting love. 
The end result was a man whom feels trapped and not very happy.
For the first few years, she ignores his unhappiness in favor of focusing on home and hearth.
She will ignore the missed dinners, broken promises, and the random text messages from unfamiliar phone numbers on her husband's phone. She will turn a blind eye to the obvious look of dread and unhappiness in her …

Don't Call It Love: Forehead Kisses

"I am not the man for you."
Before I can respond, he places a hand on my arm as if to steady himself.
"Don't get me wrong. I wish that I could be the man for you because you are an incredible woman but, I know myself. And I will end up hurting you. Not because I want to but, it is just how I am when it comes to relationships. "
A silence falls between us. I turn away from him to survey the park which is filled with trees and landscaped shrubbery. Out of the corner of my eye, I see that his eyes are misted over. He bends over and gingerly kisses me on the forehead. 
For years after this conversation in the park, I will think of him as the love that got away. 
Until, I watch a dear friend of mine get her heart ripped out by a man who wasn't good at relationships either. Only in her case, he did not bother to warn her of his remedial relationship skills. 
There was no gentle goodbye kiss on the forehead for her. Just a casual goodbye  from her Ex via text.