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Summer Hair and Clarity

This summer has been filled with love, laughter, and a boatload of new insights about myself and the world around me. (I snapped this photo last night during a fun dinner out in Baton Rouge, LA.)

The humidity waged a heavy battle against my hair.

However, I was able to overcome the humid weather with hair grease, a curling iron, flat iron, a dash of patience, and this purple scarf.

Bougie Girl: Courtship Essays-The Other Side Of Courtship

There is a moment in every courtship in which the metaphorical veil lifts and you are given an honest view of the other person.

Sometimes, you are pleasantly surprised and feel excited for the relationship to unfold.

Other times, you struggle to find away to gracefully extract yourself from a situation that is on the fast track for becoming a toxic nightmare of epic proportions.


Bougie Girl: Courtship Essays- Court The One You're With...

A courtship has to be filled with honesty and respect. Love will come later...maybe. Sometimes, we do not have the luxury of true heart bursting love. Instead, your courtship may be filled with a huge helping of respect and along with a healthy dose of warm feelings.
You may never experience a hurricane of passion in the presence of your beau. Alas, over time, intense passion has a tendency to fade into the ether. Especially, after the reality of bills, schedules, and other adult responsibilities start coming to fruition.
Now, if you choose the path of respect and warm feelings, you will experience contentment beyond your wildest dreams. All things will seem possible because you are not chasing after a fleeting emotion that never strikes the same place twice.

Bougie Girl: Courtship Essays-Catalytic Romance

The first date was so simple and the following ones were filled with long conversations which stretched late into the night. Both of you are seeking a different relationship than the one that you had prior to meeting.

Your date nights span the realm of fancy dinners to lazy weekend afternoons spent walking through bookstores. As the weeks turn into months, your differing life  goals become a source of tension.

Ten years ago, one of you would have put your life/career on hold and cheered the other from the sidelines. But, each party is over the age of 40 and in your peak earning years. These types of sacrifices can adversely affect one's life...especially, if the relationship does not work out.

Upon first glance, these courtships seem to be a huge waste of time and energy. However, they are great spaces in which to heal and transition into the next stage of life.

Bougie Girl: Courtship Essays-Wait For It...

You dream of that special courtship which will lead to something more than a long-term relationship and/or marriage. You are more concerned with having a safe place to land versus a superficial coupling born out fear and sustained out of obligation. Sometimes, you think that you must be asking too much of the Universe.
Why can’t you just be content with settling for a relationship which requires you to obliterate your own uniqueness for the sake of peace?
For years, you seem to be stuck in a cycle of broken relationships. These relationships start off great but, slowly die because the other party becomes insistent that you have to “work on” the very traits which attracted them to you in the first place.
You have tried pointing the irony out to the other party but, are met with a blank stare or blatant hostility aimed squarely at all of your vulnerabilities. 
This tactic is designed to quiet you.
Instead, it has the complete opposite effect and you flee the relationship without nary…

Bougie Girl: Courtship Essays-Social Media Courtship


You have been cordially invited to our courtship…brought to you by social media and our strong desire to be in a constant state of validation. During the past few weeks, you may have noticed a slow but steady influx of our joint statuses, tagged photos, and various check ins.

This may have caused you to wonder about whether or not we are dating.

We certainly have not taken the ultimate step of officially announcing our relationship status but, it’s coming. We have only gone on a couple of dates but, all them took place in scenic locales.

The kind of places which offer numerous opportunities for cute couple photos which will no doubt invoke undeserved envy in both of our respective social media associates.

We will spend a couple of months taking photos of the local eateries and hotspots. Sometimes, we will add a romantic photo of a sunset with a hazy heading which discusses the importance of “waiting for the right person” to come along. Also, we will include a hashtag or two …