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Hometown Nomad: Random Streets

Two weeks ago, I strolled the streets of New Orleans. Now, I am back in my "real" life and I find my thoughts wandering back to a care-free day filled with humidity and lots of laughter.

i am a bougie girl: Close Up

I look forward to my workouts. They have helped to put me into a much better head space. 

Hometown Nomad: Finding The Beauty In Your Own Hometown

(Previously published March 15, 2015 on the now defunct blog entitled: Hometown Nomad.)

There is beauty in your hometown and it is waiting for you to discover it.

Chances are, there is a nearby park filled with ponds, flowers, scenic paths, and great picnic spots.

Yet, you refuse to partake in it because your heart and mind have refused to acknowledge your new circumstances. You heart is still beating for the big city life that you left behind. But, you know that the person whom you were in that big 'ol city no longer least not in the same way.

Going back there would mean scrapping your plans to start a family, buy a house, and/or settle down.

I challenge you to incorporate the important elements of big city life into your current existence. Take the time to learn about your hometown and its surrounding areas. Go on local walking tours, join the historical society, and tap into your hometown's "expat" network.

This whole finding beauty in your hometown …

Divatosity: Simple Patio Furniture

(Originally published May 2015 on the now defunct Divatosity blog.)

I scored this simple set of  folding patio furniture from for less than $90.00. It is lovely and easy to store. Patio furniture adds a warm weather element to your balcony, deck, and/or backyard space.
Make sure that the patio furniture that you choose actually fits your lifestyle. In other words, buying a whole bunch of patio furniture to use when you are rarely home does not make the best financial sense.  On the other hand, not having any patio furniture when you are the one constantly hosting the summer parties seems kind of silly.

i am a bougie girl: Choose Humanity Over Rhetoric

choose humanity over rhetoric shirt by Bougie Girl

We are in an election year and a very contentious one at that.
 I am witnessing people turn on one another due to differences in political beliefs. Social media can further fuel political dissension between folks.
At some point, we have to remember that our humanity is more important than the rhetoric which seems to surround us on a constant basis.

Empathic Seeker: Scorpmatized

Scorpmatized Shirt by Bougie Girl

You see him from across a crowded room...his eyes rake over you. You turn away and yet you are unable to flee from him completely.
He is a Scorpio and will not be easily deterred from his pursuit of you. unable to flee from him completely.
He has you in his sights and will not give up until he has completely consumed your soul.

Bougie Girl Coaching: Stage Prop Love

(Originally published on no defunct Bougie Girl Coaching)

You needed a place to stay, a sympathetic ear, and a new direction. They showed up in your life as if on cue. Now, you are with them and starting life anew. But, you do not really share a world view with them or even any common interests. They are simply a means to an end. 
They are a mere prop to the stage play that is your life. Stage props need to know their place at all times...which is wherever you decide to put them.
Now, time has passed and your Stage prop has become disenchanted with living a lie.

They are ready to lead a more authentic life with someone that genuinely cares for them as a person and not just a Stage Prop.

Divatosity: Hand Painted Charm

This necklace has been on loan from my mother's jewelry box since 1992. This necklace has seen me through me 4 colleges, 5 states, a few boyfriends, and countless events. Originally, I promised to return this necklace to my mother after college graduation.
Yet for some reason, I cannot bear to part with this necklace. The vibrant colors of this necklace glam up even the most conservative attire.

Hometown Nomad: Walking Through Streets Of New Orleans...

Earlier this weekend, we strolled through the streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans. 
Delicious food aromas wafted through the air.  Each block contained a group of street musicians playing their hearts out for tourists and locals alike. 
This city has a constant rhythm which beckons its inhabitants to cut loose and forget about their problems for awhile.

Bougie Girl Coaching: The Grace To Say Goodbye Without Turning Back...

It is time to say goodbye to a past that can no longer help or hurt you.

The goodbye before this one was filled with unanswered questions and pain that you thought would never end.

Eventually, the feelings of pain subsided into something a bit more manageable.

The memories which you vowed to cling onto forever are now just fuzzy snapshots from a time gone by.

They no longer apply to the new life which you have forged for yourself.

The best advice that you ever received for moving on from your past was from your elderly neighbor, Miz Ella.

"Child, you can't turn back time. So, you gotta keep it movin'. The first few steps away from a painful past are the hardest. But, slowly, your heart stops hurtin' and you are able to shuffle further and further away from it."

This is exactly what you have done. You have shuffled away from something or someone that was not meant for your higher good.

Over the years, you may wander back to that old past situation but, you never …

Divatosity: The Corners Of Your Living Room

The corners of your living room offers a wonderful opportunity for adding a lot of flair without breaking your budget.  
In this photo, I have strategically hung artwork near a lighting source and paired it with a fifteen dollar table from a discount chain store. For me design is about simple concepts which add value to the space without busting my budget.
This table will soon become home to a small vase of fresh flowers.

Divatosity: Artwork, Old Photos, and Antique Furniture

I have made the decision to decorate my multi-use family room with artwork, old photos and a few pieces of antique furniture. I want the space to have a welcoming vibe with a touch of familial history thrown in for good measure. 
Before embarking on this decorating journey, I made the all too common mistake of perusing Pinterest first.  Faced with countless pins and boards, I started to covet expensive and elaborate design ideas which looked good aesthetically but, did not coincide with my ultimate vision for this room.
The portion of the room pictured is located at the bottom of the stairs. There is a workshop space and laundry room space which have completed. The family portion of the basement has not been completed. I have plans to add a  couch, coffee table, television, and small chair to the space.