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Ten Monologues For Women: Monologue #1- Personal Revolution

Ten Monologues For Women: Monologue #1- Personal.. Postcard by BougieGirl

I didn’t learn my lesson until I was almost 30 years old. You know, the lesson about crappy occurrences turning out to be blessings in the end. Yeah, that lesson. The lesson which every Grandma tries to instill in  their grandchildren over cookies and warm milk…that is if you had that kind of  Grandma. (Pause)

And I definitely didn’t.  My Grandma had a lot of problems almost of them were  gin-related if ya, know what I mean.
So, there was this guy.
And it’s funny cuz, these lessons always seem to revolve around a guy.  This guy was my college sweetheart. Mr. Wonderful himself. Only he wasn’t so wonderful. But, I didn’t find that out til much later.

I got a scholarship to go to Brown University. See, my gin-soaked Grandma came from a very wealthy family and she had connections.  It also didn’t  hurt that I was a 4.0 student and star forward of my basketball team.

Anyhow, I meet Allan aka Mr. Wonderful, my firs…

Hometown Nomad: Crunching Numbers

Renovations require time, effort, and money. During the cold months, you gather up the cash to pay for the next round of renovations. Eventually, the whole property gets done and then you are off to the next project.

Ten Monologues For Women: Introduction

My love for writing monologues began at the tender age of fourteen. This latest blog series centers around monologues written for women. They encompass women from all walks of life. Some of them are long and others are just a few paragraphs. (Feel free to use but, credit please.)

We'll Always Have Newport-Chapter 21: Returning To My Homeport (Conclusion)

We'll Always Have Newport-Chapter 21: Returning... Postcard by Bougie Girl

(July 2012)

I am scheduled to move in a couple of days. The last of my Navy family shipped out last week. I miss the terribly but, social media keeps us updated on one another's lives. Although, it is still not the same as being able to meet them for Happy Hour or a last minute potluck party.

My local crew is helping me to find good homes for random household and clothing items. My church was delighted to receive several boxes of donations from me for the annual yard sale which occurred earlier this summer. The apartment is virtually empty. All of the furniture has been sold or given away.

The infamous air mattress is the only thing left in my bedroom. It is still as uncomfortable as I remember. I wonder how the Sailor and I managed to sleep on it for a month during an historic heatwave without killing one another.

The Sailor shipped out of Newport earlier this year. During the time after our breakup, w…

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 20-Shipping Out

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 20-Shipping Out Postcard by Bougie Girl

(March 2012 to June 2012)

In a matter of months, the rest of my Navy family will be shipping out to various parts of the world. They all seem to be in agreement that it is time for me to head out to a different port.

I briefly consider relocating to Washington DC or even Richmond, Virginia. I have friends and family in both places. But, now things are a little more complicated due to my father's unexpected passing and the inheritance of a farmhouse and several acres located in Kansas.

It is becoming too expensive to maintain the farmhouse and property from Rhode Island. I can only imagine the financial struggles headed my way if I stay on the East Coast.

Finances and maturity are steering me back towards Kansas. Goodbye to lazy days strolling the Cliff Walks, taking photos of various piers and docks, fresh seafood, and the endearing New England accent.

The land of no oceans, no mountains, and lots of pr…

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 19-Gathering Up A Local Crew

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 19-Gathering Up Postcard by Bougie Girl
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(September 2011 to February 2012)

Being a part of a Navy family is both familiar and comforting. However, as with any active duty military personnel, they are always on the move. Many of the Navy folks here are on shore duty and/or attending the War College. In other words, they are rarely here for more than a year or two before it is time for them to transfer elsewhere. Sometimes, their tenure here is less than six months.

In the past few months, I have both said goodbye and welcomed more than a few Navy friends. This inspires me to cast my social nets in a wider space. Currently, I work for a local corporation headquartered a few towns away. I work with a lot of younger folks and their energy is contagious. I find myself attending more and more Happy Hours after work, being invited to dinner parties hosted by  co-workers, and I have even joined my company's bowling league.

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 18- The Grand Re-opening Of The Mess Hall

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 18- The Grand.. Postcard by Bougie Girl

(February 2011-November 2011)

Since breaking up with the Sailor, my forays into the kitchen are not filled with much joy.
Cooking has become a hassle and another painful reminder of my failed relationship.

However, my recent membership into the local social group has changed all that. Roughly 85% of the members are in the Navy and all of them have a pretty healthy appetite.

Once again my kitchen has become a busy hub of activity. It feels good to have people to cook for again. I spend an hour a day researching ingredients and marking up my trusty cook's notebook.

Our almost weekly potlucks consist of good food, excellent wine, and lots of conversations. Sometimes, we spin tales of our previous lives.  I share stories about my early days of getting lost in Newport and the magic of flying kites in Brenton Park.

In turn, the Sailors regale me with tales about navigating life in a foreign country. The gist …

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 17-Sailing Into New Waters

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 17-Sailing... Postcard by Bougie Girl
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(February 2011)

The Super Bowl is on and I am standing in a kitchen full of people whom I have never met before. It is my first night as a member of this 20-30 something meetup group which I technically am a couple of years past their cut off age.

However, after explaining my situation to the group organizers, they usher me in with hugs and sympathetic words. A couple of them are Naval officers and they have seen just about everything during their time in the military.

The general consensus of the group is that relationships and the military don't always go hand in hand. Of course, I knew this but hearing from folks in the military lightens my heart.

I spend hours chatting with several people about life in New England versus the Midwest. One of my fellow party-goers hails from the Midwest as well. We hit it off instantly and joke with another as though we have known each other a…