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We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 16-All Hail And Farewell

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 16-All Hail... Postcard by Bougie Girl

(December 2010)

The kettle bell and kiteboard no longer reside in the dining room. This apartment does not feel the same way it did six months ago. There is an air of sadness hanging around it. I miss hearing heavy footsteps on the stairs and his booming baritone voice.

These days I do not spend a lot of time sitting around feeling sorry for myself. Shortly before our breakup, I joined the choir of  a local Methodist church. My schedule is hectic between rehearsals for the Christmas program, my job, and  twice a week social outings.
I am determined to meet new people and salvage the remaining months which I have left on my lease. My goal is to relocate to Virginia or Maryland by August 2011. I am already on the East Coast so, moving should not be to complicated. The relocation from New England to the Mid-Atlantic states will be a 15 hour undertaking at most. I can sell all of my furniture and start all over a…

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 15- Discharged From Duty

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 15- Discharged Postcard by Bougie Girl
(November 2010)

One of the first things that you learn about being in a relationship with an active duty service member is to expect the unexpected at all times. During our relationship, I learned all about how quickly relationships and even marriages come together. Yet, they can fall apart even quicker.

The foundation which relationships are built on can easily shift with each deployment, change in duty station, and/or rank promotion. I learn firsthand the importance of navigating lightly through certain topics which come up during our relationship.

We spend a month going back and forth with one another about our relationship. There is love between us but, it is not enough to overcome certain challenges which have begun showing up.  The first time we broke up last year, it was because of the long distance aspect of our relationship. We solved this problem by moving into together. This time, the problem is …

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 14-Montage Of A Love Story

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 14-Montage... Postcard by Bougie Girl
(June 2010-November 2010)

We are in the midst of a grand love story. The kind that I used to secretly read during my college days. He is the  tall, strong, and brave military man of few words. I am the sassy civilian lady with the heart of gold and a knack for creating gourmet meals on the fly. Together we form this power couple of sorts.

I am amazed at how well we work together. I have never experienced anything like this before. My family notices how happy I am living in Newport. I love running a two person household and having someone genuinely care about how my day went. In turn, he enjoys our spirited discussions which can range from current events to our finances.

Just about every weekend, the Sailor and I have a standing date to fly or watch kites at Brenton Park. A few times, we have gone there with the intention to fly kites but, find ourselves gazing at the sunset instead. Somewhere in the midst of w…

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 13-Civilian's Day Out

We'll Always Have Newport:Chapter 13 Postcard by Bougie Girl

(September 2010)

I am en route to a baby shower which is located on the other side of Rhode Island. Men and children are welcome to attend but, the Sailor has to work until later this afternoon. Frankly, I do not want to bring him along. Is that terrible? I love spending time with him yet, I yearn for the civilian world. I want to sit and laugh with my new friends and not have to even think about duty stations, paperwork, or anything else related to the military.

I arrive to the baby shower and just about every woman is there with a husband and/or significant other. However, I do not even feel a bit self-conscious about arriving solo. My friends immediately inquire as to the whereabouts of the Sailor.

I explain that this is the first time in a couple of months where I have been able to just hang out with friends on my own. They all nod in agreement.

One of them hands me a mimosa and points out the location of the food tab…

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 12-Tales From The Mess Hall

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 12-Tales... Postcard by Bougie Girl
(September 2010) The Sailor cannot cook. Correction, he can microwave and bake some things but, cooking on a stovetop is not really his strong suit. In fact, one of his attempts to cook lunch resulted in the smoke alarm going off and the death of a hardworking saucepan.However, lately, the Sailor has gotten into the habit of watching cooking shows with me. I see him plugging unfamiliar ingredients into the Google search engines. One rainy Saturday, he looks over to me and says“You know, I want to cook you something.”
“Ok,” I reply.
Crossing my fingers that it is halfway edible.
He picks up on my slight heisitation.
“Don’t worry, it’s edible,” He says grinning. “I want to make us some tahini.”
Tahini? I am not familiar with it all. The Sailor does a quick Internet search and brings up a website which discusses the ingredients as well as the history of the dish.
From what I can gather tahini is some type of dip and…

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 11-Shipmates

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 11-Shipmates Postcard by Bougie Girl

(June 2010)

The Sailor is big on partnership. This concept is difficult for a a self avowed lone wolf such as myself to put in practice. As the eldest in my family, I am used to calling a majority of the shots and writing lots of checks. Admittedly, this has been a bone of contention in a majority of my previous relationships.
I embrace his partnership philosophy wholeheartedly.  Our first assignment as partners is to pick out furniture for the apartment.  We had to keep a few things in mind. Price, is our first concern since this was a temporary place for us we didn’t want to go too crazy on the furniture. Comfort is another huge concern because the Sailor is 6’2’’ and over 200 pounds. The furniture has accommodate his frame. Space, is  the third concern because the dimensions of the living room will not hold anything bigger than a love seat and a chair. Armed with our list of top three concerns we headed out …

We'll Always Have Newport:Chapter 10-Duty Calls

We'll Always Have Newport:Chapter 10-Duty Calls... Postcard by Bougie Girl

(September 2010)

The Navy is the silent 3rd Party which dwells within every part of our relationship.

We are sitting snuggled up on the couch binge-watching a string of bad Syfy werewolf movies.
The kind of cinematic feats which involve a basic storyline, bad dialogue, and hokey special effects.

Just another relaxing Saturday afternoon...until the duty phone rings.

In an instant, we break apart. The Sailor has the  duty phone cradled on his neck. He is in the bedroom changing from his standard board shorts and T-shirt ensemble into his Navy bdus.

I am in the kitchen pulling down a container from the freezer. It is a pork paella with brown rice red and green onions. I place it in a plastic bag and then set about chopping cucumbers and strawberries for his snack.

He grabs the bag, kisses me on the mouth, and heads down the back stairs to his car.

This whole dance takes about ten minutes tops.

My role is to gi…

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 9-Learning My Port

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 9-Learning... Postcard by Bougie Girl

(July 2010)

I love the quaintness of this enchanted seaport. I enjoy strolling through its narrow streets and snapping photos of various piers. The aroma of the beach wafts through downtown Newport.  I spend my first couple of weeks in Newport trying to learn the finer points of its geography.

I quickly discover that navigating this city by foot is relatively easy. There are plenty of landmarks which direct me safely back into my neighborhood. Yet, these same landmarks are useless to me whenever I am behind the wheel of a car.

I seem to get stuck in random roundabouts,  turned around on one way streets which taper off into dead ends, and/or trapped on bridges headed out of town. Both the Sailor and my landlord are somewhat amuse at my struggles to navigate Newport via car.

Thus far, my solution has been to avoid driving within the Newport city limits. I walk everywhere or I have the Sailor chauffeur me around.…