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Anthems For The Lost And Lovelorn

This morning's anthem is filled with hope and inspiration. It is all about being with that dreamboat man. The one whom accepts that you can be both nerdy AND sassy at the same time.
What a concept! 
Yesterday's anthem was a little more melancholy as it highlighted the lonely road which is sure to accompany a self-sufficient woman. She may not ever link up with the man whom understands her and yet, she still does not feel compelled to ever settle.
Last week's anthems were filled with lamentations from coupled up women whom had regretted their choice in partner but, felt chained to an growing toxic situation. 
I think about my encounters with these women. Some of them still resent my lack of envy for their lives.

Grown Up Office Chair

Gone are the days in which I hunched over my laptop whilst perched awkwardly over a makeshift desk in a dining room chair. 
Already, I can feel the difference in my joints. 
At this writing, I am comfortably sitting with nary a leg cramp in the world. 

Meeting Place

My childhood is filled with wonderful memories of spending summers in Nicodemus, Kansas. The building pictured is a community hall of sorts which has been the epicenter of many community meals, music, lectures, and other events.

Packed Up And Gone...

This is a photo of my former dwelling. It was the night before I began schlepping items over to the townhouse.

Sunday Funday sorta...

Tomorrow is Sunday and I am excited to finally get caught up on the month of September which seems to be quickly slipping by me.  My spreadsheets and timelines no longer seem to hold any appeal to me.

More than likely, because it seems as though I have misplaced a majority of my important paperwork. I have no doubt that a majority of my morning well be spent  organizing my papers whilst half watching a marathon of (Insert Random show with multiple seasons here.).

A Brief Remembrance...

My Facebook feed is filled with posts detailing where folks were on that fateful day. I was unhappily living in the Twin Cities and contemplating a way out of there. I recall feeling discouraged by life in general and just trying to get through each day as I juggled 2 jobs and night school.

But, by September 12, 2001, my entire outlook on life completely changed. No longer did it seem prudent to waste anymore time in an unhappy situation. For days, I stayed glued to my television waiting to see whether they found anymore survivors.

So many lives needlessly lost and world that remained changed forever.

Writer's Nook Envy

I am in the process of creating a Writer's Nook for my townhouse. This task is so  Gen X/hipstery that I feel a little sheepish about even blogging about it. Yet, it must be mentioned because this simple task has turned into a huge undertaking.

My new townhouse has a spacious basement which upon first glance seemed like a great place to set up an office and a workshop. Setting up the work table and supplies went pretty smoothly.

However, the drafty basement has proved to be a not so great location for my writer's nook. Also, it is a windowless space which after awhile made me feel as though I was in some sort of lock down situation.

So, I moved my writer's nook upstairs and this space is definitely more conducive for working. Though, my makeshift printer tables pushed together a long with the dining room chair screams "first apartment out of college chic".

At age 41, I would like to move past that decor and into something a lot more sophisticated.

Alas, cash flo…

Low Rent Attitude With Delusions Of Grandeur

You are low rent. Yet, you seem to be the only one not aware of this very obvious fact. Instead, you flit around dropping names of designer brands and reciting meaningless anecdotes about insignificant events.

We are expected to listen with great interest and convey the right amount of deference.

Alas, I have never been that good of an actress.

I often catch myself looking at you with a mix of annoyance and a dash of pity. The grandeur that is the life you attempt to portray does not exist in reality. It is simply another delusion which you choose to project.