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Hometown Nomad: Where Should You Live?

Hometown Nomad: You Are Not A Loser Because You Had To Move Back To Your Hometown

Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: Friday Night Snack Plate

Last Friday, I was exhausted from running errands all day. I was hungry and yet I could not commit to cooking a huge meal.

Luckily, I was able to string together the following scrumptious and somewhat healthy snack plate.

Friday Night Snack Plate:

2 slices of hickory bacon in my toaster oven.
1 sliced cucumber
1 chopped celery stalk
A handful of blackberries
A small bushel of grapes
4 small pieces of lavash bread sprinkled with Spanish olive oil.

Friday nights have never been so much fun.

Hometown Nomad: Bringing Your High-Powered Career To The Midwest

The Return Of My Mojo....

This photo encapsulates the fierceness which resides in my soul.

It's back for good and not a moment too soon.

Casual Salad

Is the lettuce in your fridge on the brink of being wilted?

Before you throw it away, consider going the route of the Casual salad.

Casual salad is cheese, black pepper, olive oil and a spritz of lemon juice. Sometimes you can add Balsamic vinegar if you are feeling fancy. It is designed to act purely as a unobstrusive side or even a bed for the main course.

41...I See You Comin' For Me...

Last year, I was all excited about turning 40. I imagined myself being magically liberated from all of my insecurities and discovering that most of them had already faded into the background.

Age 41, is bringing new and exciting things into my realm of existence. Truthfully, this is not how I pictured my 40's to be...and yet it is even better than what I could have previously imagined.

Lemon Ginger Paella

For the past couple of weeks,  I have been  exploring cooking with miso soup. It started innocently enough with slow cooking bison sliders in miso soup.

The miso soup brought the bison to a new place flavor wise. I added a dash of lemon juice and ginger to the bison and it was super yummy.

It has inspired me to continue down the path of cooking with miso soup. My present miso challenge consists of making a paella inspired dish using short grained brown rice.

I cook 3 cups of  brown rice per the instructions on the bag. Once, the rice has finished cooking, I drain it in a colander and run water over it. Then, I place it in a large skillet and mix in about 2 cups of miso soup.  I add in  2 tablespoons of lemon juice and toss in 8 small pieces of sliced fresh ginger. I place the burner on a low flame and cover the pan. I let the paella cook for about an hour. Stirring it about every 15 minutes.

This dish tasted so good that I had to stop myself from eating it all in one setting.

HomeTown Nomad: You Are More Than Your High School Reputation

One of the biggest challenges that I faced moving back to my hometown was breaking out of the mold of who I was in high school. I had moved on from my high school reputation years ago but, unfortunately some former classmates still insisted on keeping in the same box.

Check out my suggestions for breaking out of your high school persona and rockin' the grownup you.

Hometown Nomad: Making New Friends

Making new friends after college can be a challenge...especially if you are living back in your hometown. Check out my take on making new friends in your hometown.

Take My Idea, Please- Free Community College Program- (Simple Logisitics) Part One

Remember a few months back when President Obama mentioned offering free community college and everyone went ballistic either with excitement or disgust?

Well, I started brainstorming about how we could implement this without making it too complicated. Now obviously, there are a lot of moving parts to this particular brainstorm. So, in the interest in time and space, I am going to break it down into 3 separate blog posts.

The first one is all about the simple logistics of which major/degree programs could be offered along with some proposed general guidelines.

Below are some possible majors/degree programs which could be offered:

1. Business-Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing
2. Arts-Music, Theater, and Visual Arts
3. General Studies
4. Legal Studies-Criminal Justice, Paralegal Studies, and Legal Administration
5. Medical Studies-Nursing, Dental, Medical Technology
6. Education
7. Vet Tech
8. Foreign Languages- Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, and Italian
9. Law E…


I received this precious masterpiece from a young budding artist.
It is  now hanging up in my living room.

What It Means To Be A Bougie Girl....

Slightly Noir

Sometimes, you need to add a little noir to your selfie. The black and white tone gives off an arthouse feel which makes me want to debate the writings of Kafka whilst sipping on black coffee.