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Divatosity Preview

I consider both my Divatosity blog and podcast to be labors of love. I discuss cooking, travel, ]decorating, and other fun things. Occasionally, I am going to post links here to both the Divatosity blog and podcast.

Divatosity: She Has Good Bones

This table is older than I am. My parents bought it back in the earlier 1970's. It is truly an antique. Alas, over the years she somehow became neglected. She has been a holder of travel souvenirs, bowls, and even a vase or two.

After I nurse her back to health, I plan to use her as a vanity of sorts.

Cozy Kitchen Rug With A Twist

Last week, I strolled into a nearby Tuesday Morning determined to find the perfect rectangular solid red rug for my kitchen. 
Yet, I managed to walk out of the store with the one pictured above.
There is something about the bursts of color contained in this rug which caused me to change the decorating plans for my kitchen. This rug "screams" cozy, quirky, and welcoming. 
All of the aspects which belong in my kitchen.

My Kingdom For Some Counter Space....

Last night, I freed up some much needed kitchen counter space. I moved my microwave to a small folding table and now I am able to properly prepare meals without hunching over.
 Counter space seems like one of those small inconsequential things until you attempt to prepare a full meal and then its importance becomes all too apparent.
I look forward to many more days of meal preparation sans hunching.

So what are you waiting for?

Stop reading this blog post and go liberate your kitchen counter today.

Pan Quiche And A Plate Of Blackberries

Sometimes, I get bored of making omelets and frittatas.

Yesterday, I filled a sauce pan with whipped eggs and poured in sauteed shallots,capers, and Baby Bella mushrooms.

Fifteen minutes later, I removed the quiche from the pan and placed it on a paper towel in a resealable bowl. As it cooled, I tossed panko crumbs and mozzarella cheese on top for texture.

This morning, I heated up a slice of this pan quiche and it was yummy. A plate of blackberries and thermos of mulberry white leaf tea made this breakfast really come alive.

The Thing About Passion Is....

The thing about passion is that it will eventually return to you. More than likely, it became tired of waiting around for you to commit. Passion for all of its wild abandon, requires a proper commitment. You cannot half step with passion. It will not stand for half-assery in any capacity.

How do you commit to passion and still stay grounded?

You have to integrate it into small spaces of your life. Passion needs you to get out of the drive thru and/or take out line. It wants you to return to your kitchen and fire up the stove. Perhaps, it is calling you to start writing poetry again, painting pictures, traveling to random places, running, or even taking up salsa lessons.

The more you ignore its call, the deader you become inside. Until you look up and notice that your soul is in tatters and your heart is made of cold ash.

Food Without Photos

I am not the World's Best Food Photographer.

There, I said it.

On a rare occasion, I have managed to capture the delicious essences of a bowl of blackberries or even a cake. However, I operate at a complete loss when it comes to snapping photos of meals and appetizers.

I am taking a vow of photo abstinence as it pertains to food. Sure, I might break this vow if the lighting is so amazing that even I cannot screw it up...but, other than that the world will have to be content with my written descriptions of food.

Corner Art Display...

Admittedly, I am not very good at hanging pictures. I prefer to strategically stage them instead. 
I purchased this picture at a discount store for under $10. The green cup next to it was made for me by a near and dear soul sistah.  Both items sit atop one of my nightstands.

Valentine's Day=One Day Out Of The Year....

Mental Lens

I used to have  mental lens that filtered out all of the bad and focused solely on the positives of any given situation. I was the Queen of Selective Memory. She might have attempted to destroy my career but, that was a long time ago...people change. Or he may have lied about the fact that he was cheating on me with his on again off again Ex but, he promised me that he was completely done with her. Why would he lie to me again?

Unfortunately, the list goes on and on of times where I conveniently glanced the other way. I wish that I could blame this "selective memory" on low self-worth or a bad childhood. However, the simple fact is that breakups, quitting jobs, leaving friendships is a messy business. I just really could not be bothered to end situations...even toxic ones. Instead, I just waited for the other person to flame out and leave. Of course, I shed tears and wondered aloud to friends about "why they would leave me?".

Yet,  I felt relieved that I did not h…

Divatosity: Decorating With Flair and Drama

Sometimes, your plain black couch just needs a little flair. Well, in my case, it needed a lot of flair. Up until about 5 days ago, this couch was adorned with simple red twill pillows and a random electric blue throw with the name of a former vendor emblazoned upon it. Once upon a time, the aforementioned red pillows were a nice addition to the demure black couch. 
However, these days my decorating tastes lean towards a lot more flair and drama. I purchased the plush black and white throw from Walmart for about $10-$15. The red decorative pillows cost $13 each at Tuesday Morning, the red ottoman/trunk/coffee table was about $60 at Ross, the black ottoman was a Christmas gift, and the black and white damask chair rang up at $80.00. 
Yet, I cannot put a true value on the way in which these additions to my living room have positively impacted my daily life. I find myself taking more time to quietly reflect upon my day. My mornings are spent slowly savoring simple breakfasts and capping th…

February Spanish Challenge...

I survived my January 2015 Vegetarian Challenge. Now, I am in the midst of a new challenge. For the month of February, I am taking steps to brush up on my Spanish language skills, which have been sorely neglected of late.

A few times a week, I write my Facebook posts completely in Spanish. In addition, I also listen to the daily news in Spanish. The first few days of this challenge were a bit uninspiring to me. The Spanish language has been a part of my life for over 26 years.

This endeavor feels more like a review than an outright challenge.  Yet, I have been more mindful in the ways in which I communicate in Spanish. I catch myself listening intently to the newscasters take on the world events without seemingly feeling the need to write down the unfamiliar idioms. Somehow, I just seem to intuitively know what they are  saying.

Soul Bond Breakage

He recalls the day that the soul bond was broken between them. It was a rainy afternoon, he was having lunch with his new girlfriend and from nowhere he felt a huge crash in his soul. Sadness washed over him in huge waves. His new girlfriend kept prattling on about  double dating with another couple. He was unable to focus on anything that she was saying. Instead, he focused on plugging back into the soul of his Ex. Her soul was filled with electric energy and a passion which he had never experienced. She had awakened so many wonderful things within him.

Yet, she also had this uncanny ability to hold space for him. But, he was not used to this and took this loving act as a rejection. In his experience, a partner did not care about you unless they were going through your phone, inserting themselves into all aspects of your life, and emotionally smothering you.

He is debating on whether to pull the disappearing act on the new girlfriend. But, where would he go? His Ex had moved onto a …

Divatosity Food:Cucumbers

Lunch time for me used to be all about chips, cookies, and other junk food. However, for the past several months, I have replaced the junk food snacks with sliced cucumbers. Cucumbers are yummy, versatile and inexpensive to boot.  

Who You Thought He Was...

During the courting stage, he appreciated your intelligence. In fact, he bragged to his family and friends about your many accomplishments. He whisked you all around town and beamed in the photos. But, that was six months ago and now the only thing he appreciates about you is the fact you have dinner on the table by 6:00 pm.

His friends and family have been properly awed by you and now your job is to stay in the background. In less than a year, you have gone from alpha female extraordinaire to bit player. During public outings, he lavishes attention and affection on you. Everyone tells just how "lucky" you are to have someone like him.

You nod with what you hope resembles a demure smile. Underneath the facade, your heart is longing  for the person whom your boyfriend has pretended to be.