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We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 8- Heatwave On The Homefront

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 8- Heatwave... Postcard by Bougie Girl

(June 2010-September 2010)
Almost immediately upon my arrival to Newport, the Sailor and I face  our first major hurdle as a couple. The quaint second floor apartment with its sturdy hardwood floors and elegant wainscoting transformed itself into an oven of sorts. Especially in the front rooms of the apartment.
I grew up in the humid Midwest and spent many a summer performing chores on my grandparents farm during the heat of the day.
However, one expects 100 plus degree days during the summers in Kansas. According to my research the summers in Newport, Rhode Island would  mainly consist of balmy days of no more than 85 degrees in temperature.
In the midst of this heatwave, my mind envisions sedate late afternoon picnics on the beach. The breeze softly whipping my raven colored hair around my face as we carefully set up our picnic blanket on the beach.
Daintily, I spread out the contents of the picnic basket a…

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 7-Reporting For Duty

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 7-Reporting... Postcard by Bougie Girl

 (June 2010)
My first official act as a significant other is to scare up breakfast for us.  Blueberry Pop-Tarts and two bottles of water will have to fill the bill.

I envisioned our first breakfast together to be a fresh from the oven frittata filled with chopped bacon, red onions, mushrooms, cracked black pepper, and mozzarella cheese. A thermos filled with steaming coffee for him and a cup of green tea for me. 

In my fantasy, we are holding hands across the table and lovingly gaze into one another's eyes.

 However, the reality of my first morning in Newport resembles us stiffly attempting to rise from the makeshift pallet which sits atop a beautifully crafted yet nonetheless uncomfortable hardwood floor.

In addition, the Sailor is running late for work. He jumps into the shower like he's on fire. A short time later he is dressed and in the kitchen. I wrap up the microwaved Pop-Tarts and hand him a bottle…

We'll Always Have Newport-Chapter 6: Pulling Into Port

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 6-Pulling... Postcard by Bougie Girl

(June 2010) I am driving into a sea of fog. I can barely see on either side of my car.  It is a cold and rainy June evening. The temperature 50 degrees outside. Thankfully, traffic on the Pell Bridge is relatively light. This blanket of fog ominously first made its presence known to me three hours ago when I first arrived into Bridgeport, Connecticut.

I have spent the past few hours with a death grip on my steering wheel. My 1996 low-mileage Buick is handling these adverse conditions like a champ. She has driven through the mountains and deserts of both California and New Mexico. She has battled snow, heavy rains, and even a drought or two. I have the utmost confidence in her.

 Throughout Connecticut I deal  with crazy drivers and most of them sport  Massachusetts license plates. When I relay this to my friends and family in Boston, no one seems shocked.

 In fact,there is a word for these types of drivers. They a…

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 5-Telling The World...

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 5-Telling... Postcard by Bougie Girl
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“Wait, you mean that you are just going to pack up and move cross-country to a place sight unseen because you fell in love with a dude in the Navy?”

I respond to her query with a smile.


She exchanges a look with her husband and he shrugs.

“If it doesn’t work out. You can always move back.”

He proceeds to add a bit more red wine to my partially filled glass.

Diane and Doug are a little older than me and have been married approximately…forever.

They raise a toast to my impetuosity and we all take a sip of wine. This will be my final glass of the evening because I still have a lot of packing and purging  yet to do.

I made this decision roughly six weeks ago and life has become a seemingly neverending series of phone calls, emails, and paperwork.  I have secured an apartment in Newport, RI and I have been doing phone interviews with potential employers. I am also in the process of…

We'll Always Have Newport:Chapter 4-Gimme, Gimme Affordable Shelter In A Fashionable Neighborhood!

We'll Always Have Newport:Chapter 4-Gimme,Gimme... Postcard by Bougie Girl
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(March 2010)
I am looking for a good neighborhood close to the Naval base and downtown Newport. The Sailor has sent me information and I submit possible addresses for his input. During one of our conversations, we brainstorm on the perfect apartment. We agree that the ideal apartment is close to  both the Naval base and downtown Newport. It has 2 bedrooms, it's located on the 2nd floor, no more than $1,000 a month.   On the face it, the procurement of this apartment does not seem like it will be too challenging.  However,  I fail to fully grasp that Newport is a popular resort location from about May through early October. In addition, people come from all of the world to work as servers, bartenders,  housekeepers, nannies, and groundskeepers.
Basically, I am  competing with a whole bunch of unseen people whom are familiar with  the real estate and rental marke…

We Will Always Have Newport- Chapter 3: A Bi-Coastal Courtship Filled With Crappy Stories and Lots Of Research

We Will Always Have Newport:Chapter 3 Postcard by Bougie Girl
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(November 2009-January 2010)
Sometimes, I have to remind myself that he lives on the other side of the country. He feels so close to me. We talk on the phone every other day for hours at a time. He tells me about life in the Navy and shares a crappy story or two with me.  Crappy stories consist of anecdotes about  the monotony of patrolling the waters around the base and the personality quirks of some of his  fellow Sailors. I have taken to listening to podcasts tailored towards military spouses. I am also reading blogs by military spouses. It is definitely a different world from what I am accustomed to. Sure, my cousins were in different branches of the military but, it’s different when it is a spouse or significant other. I don’t want to even imagine what it will be like to worry about his ship being in hostile waters. Which because he will be on shore duty for the next few years…

We'll Always Have Newport:Chapter 2-A Smidgeon of Reality

We'll Always Have Newport:Chapter 2-A Smidgeon... Postcard by Bougie Girl

(November 2009-December 2009)

During the first month of my long distance courtship with the Sailor, I am unable to concentrate on anything except for our next contact point. This is not the typical Type A Lainie behavior. I am the one whom has four burners going at full flame plus, something baking in the oven. Yet, here I am unable to organize my law school applications.

 8 years ago, I was enrolled in law school, During this time, both my parents were struggling with illness and I am trying to help my 21 year old sister get her act together. 

 Though, my efforts were valiant…alas, they were not enough to keep me afloat academically.

 After I left law school, I became obsessed on how I was going to return.

Looking back, I can’t believe how I lost so many years  being caught up in the trap of believing that becoming an attorney was the only way for me to be happy. Fast forward to the present time, I have onl…

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 1- Reunited and It Feels So...Unexpected

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 1 Postcard by Bougie Girl

(November 2009)

His  Facebook friend request arrives out of the blue. In fact, it takes me a moment to recall exactly who he is. I click on his photo and it reveals an older version of the tatted up skateboarder whom I had  known all those years ago.

A cursory glance at his profile conveys that the former punk rocker has traded in his skateboard for a successful career in the Navy. 

 I think back on my own path since college and shake my head in amazement.  Since graduating from college, I have worked as a singer, administrative assistant, paralegal, contract administrator, and as a part-time restaurant host. I know all too well the way in which life can take you down unexpected alleyways.

Almost immediately after accepting his friend request, he sends over an introductory email which sparks off a flurry of emails between us which culminates in the exchange of telephone numbers. 

I have recently extricated myself from w…