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the eternal chaos of moving...

I have about 2 car loads left until my move is complete. The past week has consisted of getting up early, rummaging through boxes, going to work, and moving a carload a night of odds and ends. My internet is not hooked until tomorrow and for now my web surfing is relegsted to my cell phone.

I know that soon, things will get back to normal.

The Ladybug Returns...

Last week, as I was typing away at my laptop keyboard, this ladybug decided to join me. She was shy but, seemed to want me to notice her presence which of course I did. Back during my Newport, RI days a ladybug came to live with us and she brought this overwhelming feeling of calm to our lives which unfortunately did not last.


I am in the process of relocating to a dwelling with more space. Luckily, this move does not involve traversing multiple interstates and/or truck stops. Instead, I have the luxury of  spreading this relocation out to a week or two versus my usual of 4 hours of throwing things into the car and 2 hours of cleaning.

My dwelling is a townhome which has more space than my current apartment. I have already staked out a workshop and writing area in the basement. In a couple of weeks, I will purchase both a washer and dryer for the first time ever.

During these past few months, I have struggled with balancing out a long distance farmhouse/property renovation with finding a suitable living space for myself.  I can feel a new era in my life unfolding and the wisdom in my choice to stay here.

Laptop Selfies

The odds of me buying a selfie stick are very low. I have nothing against the use of them but, purchasing one would result in yet another social media hack to conquer. I am barely keeping up with the constantly changing technologies and platforms. Such can be the life of a busy Generation Xer.

Be mindful how you treat your elders

Be mindful how you treat your elders and do not create a space or atmosphere for anyone to mistreat them.

Years ago, while I was living in Los Angeles, my mother (whom was living in Kansas) was rushed via ambulance to the emergency room. I was en route to a dinner party when I received a call from my mom's friend. Immediately, I wanted to go home and check for flights.

My then-boyfriend at the time insisted that we attend the party anyway because he hadn't seen his friends in a long time and he was looking forward to the dinner party.

In my mind, all I could think of was how I could get back to West Los Angeles to look up flights. We arrived to the dinner party the hosts ( a married couple) greeted us at the door.

They took one look at my tear-stained face and inquired to my emotional state. I told them about my mom and the wife whom was Greek rushed me up the stairs to her office so that we could look at flights to Kansas.

"Family is everything." She told me.

An hour or…

Delusional Fantasy World

She is living in a delusional fantasy world. She likes living there. It is comprised of the perfect table setting and awesome family photos which are immediately loaded up to social media for all the world to see.

She does not dare show the immense heartache that she feels on a daily basis. Her perfect life kind of sucks and she has no one to blame but herself for settling in the first place.

She could leave  but, then who would take care of her and what would she talk about at parties?

Tis best to stay and continuing living in Delusional Fantasy World.

Romantic Crisis Averted

His introductory message is pleasant enough and he  mentions one of your hobbies as an activity that he enjoys as well. His profile photos seem legit and his profile does not scream "Girl, you in danger".

So you reply to his initial message and a nice exchange begins...until after the fifth message when he starts trying to lock you down. You read the message in question and decide to spend a few hours offline. When you log back in, he has sent you two additional messages which seem to fault you for not responding quick enough.

A feeling of déjà vu flashes through you. This is supposed to be the pre "getting to know you phase" and this guy is already trying to jump ahead 5 spaces. You have definitely been here before. Everything is quick and romantic in the beginning. Six months in, after the newness has worn off, he is pacing around like a caged animal. The only thing keeping him around is pressure from his friends and family to settle down with someone like you. …

What He Meant To Tell You...But, Never Got Around To Doing So.

He meant to tell you about his never-ending roster of women but, he never got around to doing so.
He could have told you before you exchanged rings but, why would he want you to know? If you were aware of his roster filled with exes, maybes, and potentials then you would have fled in the other direction.

No, he assured you that all of his exes were crazy and completely out of the picture. You believed him had your first major disagreement. He changes the subject mid argument and starts to tell you how his other exes are way cooler than you are. You are stunned.

Where the hell had that statement come from?

You stand there with your mouth gaping open and a huge fissure in your heart.

Instead of apologizing or even going silent, he proceeds to tell you the whole reason why he proposed to you. Turns out it has nothing to do with wanting to share a life with you. His first choice would have required him to grow as a person...and that is something he has been actively avoiding …