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Take My Idea, Please: Commuter Transportation In Rural Areas

Public transportation is a fact of life in most big cities.

Alas, many rural areas remain cut off from access to public transportation.
What if we created a transportation zone of sorts within the rural areas?

On the face of it, building a transportation zone in a rural area would be counter-intuitive.

However, lack of transportation is one of the reasons why so many in the rural areas are not able to access the resources that they need.

1. Where can a transportation zone be established?
Colleges, Main streets,malls, and tourist destinations.

2. What would the transportation zones contain?
A transportation depot center with restaurants, stores with pharmacies, etc. Hours can be from 6 am to 10 pm on the weeknights and until midnight on the weekends. It can run throughout the year.

3. How many miles would the transportation zone cover?
The transportation zone would span 150 mile corridor.

4. What about transport to the airport?
There could be a special shuttle for the airport.

5. Wha…

Divatosity Podcast: Simple Gifts, Classical Music Appreciation, Style and Elegance Podcast, Ello

Join Alaina as she discusses a random smattering of topics.
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Working Through Critiques

I am revising my e-book and it has been more difficult than I ever imagined.  I had no problem writing the book but, getting it edited and formatted has been another matter. I am fighting the temptation of flitting off to write another manuscript and leaving the not so fun parts of revising for another day...or never.

This has lack of desire to produce more than a first draft of any manuscript has been one of the roadblocks to me consistently publishing books. I am going to soldier on and get these revisions done.

Empathic Seeker: Twin Flame Tango

Your eyes lock from across the universe. Instantly, your souls reconnect as if no time has past. The Twin Flame Tango requires that the souls step into an all too familiar yet, powerful embrace. This particular dance requires dignity with a hint of flare. He must turn her in a way which assures that she will return to him. She has to move in a manner which will not scare him away.

Wait, how is it that Twin Flames are not automatically synchronized with one another?

Lack of self-awareness and immaturity are two of the prevalent reasons why this can occur.

Twin Flames have to ease into their roles carefully. It can take decades for Twin Flames to become settled into the idea that the intense soul connection is the real deal. Meanwhile, one or both of them may marry and start families with other people.

Their intimate soul tango can transform into a group line dance of sorts. The stakes become higher because other hearts are  suddenly on the line. The Twin Flames are then forced to step…

Take My Idea, Please: Casual Dining Menu Item Brainstorm

Here are a few workable ideas for casual dining menu items:

1. Create a Date Night menu which consists of a family style entree for 2, starter salad, and a bottle of wine/beverage pitcher. Charge between $25 to $35 for the menu items.

2. Create Small Plates Menu Deal which consists of 3 small plates for $12.50.

3. Offer up a micro-tasting 4 course meal including dessert for $15. The items would be served up in 3 to 5 ounce ramekins.

4. Party of 4 menu which consists of 2 family style entrees, 2 large appetizers, 4 slices/ramekins of  dessert, unlimited pitcher of soda and/or bottle of wine for $75.

5. Build on the catering arm of the business. For example, run deals based on sports seasons, holidays, and theme parties.

Bougie Girl Coaching Podcast:Tips For Offering Assistance

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Bougie Girl University Podcast: 6 Career Strategies for Housekeepers and Janitors

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Take My Idea Please: Wrapping Up Series Finale Cliffhangers

I hereby release this idea into the Internet and hold no title or right herein to it. Why? Because, I come up with at least 10 ideas like this a day and my mind has a tendency to get crowded.

Television shows get cancelled all of the time. However, within the past 5 years or so, I have noticed a rash of television shows ending their run with hella cliffhangers which leave the fate of the characters in serious limbo.

For some reason, this bothers me. I realize that the  cliffhangers could be part of a contractual agreement which ends the television series but, opens up a gateway for movies etc. Still, this is annoying so, I propose that someone create an app, online streaming service, and or network which specializes in 3 to 6 episode arcs which properly tie up a television series.

I realize that ramp up on a project such as this could be a little tricky. Due to the fact that you have to deal with production costs, cast/crew, intellectual property, and territories. This especially come…

Travel: Prairie Land

Growing up, I never appreciated the underlying beauty of the prairie. Instead, I sought out other places. Places filled with mountains, oceans, deserts, and wondrous sunsets.  Yet, now I am struck at the beautiful landscapes and the exciting colors which jump out at you from every angle. During the past couple of years, I have surmised that the allure of the prairie has to do with its quiet and secretive nature.

Fashion: Classic Black Wrap

A classic black wrap is a must have for your wardrobe. It has a versatility that can take you from casual to formal events with surprising ease.
I own a few black wraps and they have definitely helped me to breath life into my wardrobe without bankrupting myself.

During the Spring, I wear a black polyester  blended wrap with my sleeveless dresses and over a tank top and jeans ensemble.

In the Summer, I use a black  lace wrap for late summer nights spent out on a restaurant patio.

The Fall is the when I alternate between a crocheted black wrap during the day and a black wool blended one for nighttime events.

Generally, during the Winter I wear my black wrap underneath a heavy coat.

You can find black wraps in thrift shops, your mother's closet, upscale department stores, and discount outlets. The price of this garment ranges anywhere from $14 to $50.