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Local Signage

Last week, I was hanging out in Bellingham, WA. I had planned to hop over to Vancouver, BC but, I misplaced my passport and was unable to make the trip. However, all was not lost. I ended up exploring the avenues of Bellingham, WA.  I came across this sign and had to snap a photo.

WARNING: I Throw Shade T-shirt

WARNING: I Throw Shade T-shirt by BougieGirl1

 I am not ashamed to admit that I throw shade. Sometimes, I toss out a small sliver of shade just for something to do. On other occasions, I throw massive amounts of shade and wait quietly for it to disrupt someone's emotional ecosystem.

Just Beyond The Fence

Just beyond the fence is the rush of water and a call to adventure.

Vast Sky

Cloud Cover

A huge thanks to technology for enabling me to snap this photo from the relative comfort and safety of my window.

Don't Worry. I Am Not Stepping Up For Anyone...

Don't Worry. I Am Not Stepping Up For Anyone... by Bougie Girl Apparel

Dear Ladies In My Harem,
It has been brought to my attention that some of you think that I am playing favorites.
 I can assure that I am not. I show you all the same amount of disrespect and disregard. 
Just because I may post a photo of us together on social media does not magically remove the dysfunction from our relationship. 
Hell, I might even marry one of you. But, rest assured I am not ever going to be a faithful husband. 
And why should I have to be?   I have a full-time harem around waiting to take their turn with me. 
Do you understand the kind of boost that fact alone gives my ego? It is like no kind of high which I have ever experienced.

Seriously, please do not cry or fret over what I am giving to the other harem members.

I am not stepping up for any of them either.

i have no real friends

i have no real friends by Bougie Girl Apparel

It's true. I have no real friends. Instead, I have people in my life whom function in a friend-like capacity. There are times when I long to be in the throes of an authentic friendship but, then I recall how messy those types of associations can be.
All in all, they require to much soul-searching and well, authenticity. There is no room for any of that in my life.

Soul Conversations: Confronting "The One Who Got Away" On The Astral Plane

Soul Mediator:
Some cases are too bizarre to be believed. This  case definitely falls into that category. It revolves around a concerned father finding one of his son's ex-girlfriends named Tara on the astral plane. His sole intent was to convince the young lady to give his son a second chance. Sam is convinced that his son, Kevin has made a terrible mistake in cutting this particular young lady loose. He spoke to his son about this to no avail. He decided to take matters into his own hands by going on the astral plane to discuss this with her directly. I interviewed both the father and son at the same time.  It was a highly charged conversation to say the least.

Soul Mediator:
How did this all begin?

My son has such potential. He's always been brilliant when it comes to books and concepts. But, in the romance department, let's just say he has a hard time discerning a good woman vs. a not so good one.

Soul Mediator:
How do you feel about what your father just said abo…

Shoulder To Shoulder On The Pier

We are all standing together on the pier. Strangely enough, it does not feel awkward and there is a decided lack of hostility as well. You don't know just know of me. It is the same for me. I have only heard bits and pieces about you.

He walks up slowly to you and gazes into your eyes. The children are dancing around you both. I turn away because watching this intimate scene makes me feel even more like an interloper. My car is parked a scant 50 feet away. You are both so into one another that it is highly doubtful that my exit would register.

I head to my car and his hand touches mine. You and the children stare at me wordlessly. I can feel traces of confusion, disappointment, and a bit of anger coming from all of you.

I look up into whiskey colored eyes which are assessing me earnestly. No words are spoken. But, I know what he is trying to communicate. We were always good like that. Picking up on one another's cues without either party saying a word.

I nod my asse…