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I'm Not Racist...But, My Social Media Posts Sure Are...

Think before you post...

Bougie Girl Coaching Video: Dealing With 8 Thanksgiving Holiday Stressors

Do not let these 8 stressors ruin your holiday season.

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My Holiday Battlecry: I Can Live With That...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Are you slaving over a hot stove? Trying to coordinate the  activity schedule for the entire weekend? How many petty disagreements are erupting all around you? Has your onset of newly found assertiveness caused an unexpected rift this holiday season?

Well, I have been where you are standing. The phrase that finally set me free from years of guilt and anguish is "I can live with that".

Even the simple act of  typing out the phrase "I can live with that" makes my heart reflexively soar.

I am empowered each time that it leaves my lips.

I am no longer a pawn in someone else's vision of what the holidays and/or family togetherness should be.

Holiday Psychodrama Is Optional

People in your life do not magically become more annoying during the holiday season. The problem is that we crank our expectations to unrealistic levels during the holiday season. We erroneously believe that our loved ones will cease and desist with regard to their standard trifling behavior.

However, more than likely, they will not deviate from their normal conduct.

No need to argue and get all dramatic about it.

Breathe and get through it. January will be here before you know it.

21st Century Western Feminism Makes Me Sad...


My view of 21st Century Western Feminism is that it manufactures outrage and social media hand-wringing, and overblown theatrics. It has become a sideshow of sorts and is more about hashtag awareness, Twitter wars, and other silliness rather than helping women.

As a Gen-X feminist, I am sad and disillusioned with the current state of affairs.

Below are the questions that I have for 21st Century feminists:

1. Creating awareness about women's issues is great but, what happens after the hashtag campaign fades away?
2. What are we doing as individual feminists to help one another out?
3. Why are we letting ourselves get all up in arms about trivial matters that are not directly linked to why women are still making 77 cents on the dollar?

Maybe, one day someone will explain the above-mentioned questions to me...hopefully, in a non-shaming way.


It is snowing in the Rolling Plains of Kansas. Well, it's not quite a storm...more of a dusting which could grow in momentum. I am spending this weekend amping up my page which I started with the best of intentions. However, now it is languishing in neglect. Part of the problem was that I could no figure out how to upload channel art.

Sure, provides templates but, I wanted something a little more customized towards my brand. Last night, I read several tutorials, watched a couple of confusing webinars, and scratched down some paltry notes. Finally, this morning I was able to load up my own customized channel art which just consists of the phrase "" on a black background.

Now, I am working editing the videos to add in titles and credits. I am not sure whether I want to add a full on music score to the videos. We shall see.

Happy Memories From The Farm

My paternal grandparents farm and the property surrounding it used to be one my most favorite places in the world. Of course, by the time, I arrived in the world, the farm was in a semi-retired state. But, there were still a couple of horses being stabled there, a few chickens, some crops, and a huge backyard garden.

Each summer we spent about a month hanging out with my father's side of the family. Every day we spent an hour or two working in the garden. My grandmother insisted on us wearing long gardening gloves, over-sized smocks, and wide brimmed straw hats.

After our tour of gardening duty, we spent the remainder of the day exploring the property and trying to catch rabbits and/or frogs.

My grandparents and my father have since passed on but, the happy memories of the place live on within me.

Mommy and Daughter Pic

I am a lot like my mother. We are both headstrong, independent, and virtually fearless. However, we differ on our approach to conflict. She grew up during the pre-Civil Rights Era and she is not afraid to escalate a situation. Whilst, my first instincts a Gen-Xer is to find common ground with the opposing party and go from there.
As a result, we have clashed fiercely in certain situations. She accuses me of being too calm in the face of insults. In my view, she is itching to stir up conflict just for the sake of doing so.
These days, we get along better than ever.
It has taken us about 40 years to somewhat  understand   our respective ways of dealing with conflict.

Take My Idea Please: Subsidized Internet

I was thinking the other day about how crucial it is to have Internet access. We rely on the Internet to run businesses, apply for jobs, to communicate with faraway friends and family, dating, interactive gaming, education, and consuming video and audio content.

Gone are the days in which one could simply get by with checking their email twice a week at a library or other public terminal. These days  many of us are walking around with numerous Internet enabled devices.

However, there are a great deal of low-income folks whom cannot afford Internet access. In 2014, not having Internet access greatly limits one's ability to apply for jobs, find bargains, and/or further their education.

We need to start a program which offers 6 to 9 month vouchers to low-income people for Internet access. The program will enable the recipients to take online classes, apply for jobs, and start businesses.

Farmer's Market Fun!

Today, I strolled around Old Overland Park.