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Divatosity: Campfires and Soulful Confessions

Campfires are the perfect catalyst for soulful confessions of secret hopes and fears.

I Wanna Go Back To The Lakehouse....

It's been a few weeks since I spent a magical few days up at the Lakehouse.
Surprisingly, I am still enjoying the mellow feelings which washed over me up there.

Divatosity Travel: Minor League Baseball Outings and Food Trucks

It's not too late to catch your favorite Minor League Baseball team this summer. The best part is that they are probably in a town near you and tickets are pretty reasonably priced.

Another low cost summer outing is the pilgrimage to the local food truck.

Listen to the Divatosity podcast entitled:  Divatosity- Minor League Baseball Outings and Food Trucks


This is how the world perceives me on social media. 
A little blurry and surrounded by fuzzy edges. 
These days, I try not to get too personal on social media because declarations, opinions, other statements are often taken far out of context. 
Instead, I prefer to keep my posts more upbeat and generic. 
This way people know my views but, are blocked from seeing into my soul.

Divatosity: Neighborhood Art Walk

Last week, I caught the tail end of a neighborhood art fair. Artists were hawking their wares and the once might crowd was beginning to wander back to their cars. The lines at the concession stands were just a few people deep.

I took in the scene with a feeling of wonder. 20 years ago, I longed to live in a neighborhood which hosted art fairs on a semi-regular basis.

I guess dreams really do come true.

A Night Of Crazy Empath Dreams-Part III

Darkness is all around me and it is hard to breathe. The ghosts are no longer chasing me. I can hear the muffled echoes music and laughter. Suddenly, I am walking out of the ocean and onto a beach filled with music and laughter.

The wind is blowing through my dark hair which is considerably longer than it has been in a long time. It clings to my chest and rib cage. I look down at my body and notice that I am clad in black bikini bottoms and no top. My long hair covers my breasts yet, I still feel a wave of self-consciousness.

A tall golden skinned young man in his early 20's is tending bar. He is a few inches over 6 feet tall. His profile is strong and hawk like. Dark hazel eyes gaze at me with concern. He wraps a blanket around me and says:

"Don't worry, you are safe here."

He makes a place for me at the bar. Wordlessly, he serves me a tall glass of water and orders a meal for me. I am grateful for the warmth of the blanket. A few moments later, he sets down a pla…

A Night Of Crazy Empath Dreams-Part II

I safely made it out of the room o' resentment and into a narrow hallway. I am walking briskly looking for a way out of this house. The vibe of this place is filled with instability and delusion. Behind me, I hear raised voices and loud footsteps headed towards me. They are chanting my name.

I break out into a run but, they are soon just a few feet behind me. I run through an open door, shutting and locking it behind me. I push a  mid-sized winged back chair against the door and look around for a weapon.
The door knob is rattling and they chant my name for a few minutes more and then it becomes eerily silent. I glance up at the top of the door frame to see the ghostly figures of a man and a woman slipping through it.
They are headed straight for me....and then I am cloaked in blackness.

A Night Of Crazy Empath Dreams-Part I

She sits atop a stairwell in a semi-darkened room. Upon closer inspection, I notice that half of her face is gone and there is a look of anger on her face.

He is facedown on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. Her pain-filled gaze falls upon me. I do not feel comfortable in this room. The stench of resentment hangs heavily in the air.

Her lips are slowly moving and I can barely make out the words.

"He never really loved me. I was always just a whistle stop. A place to gather up strength until he could move onto the next woman."

I look down at his prone form and jump back in surprise after his hand grasps my left ankle. I stumble a bit but, manage to escape into another room.

Neither one of them bother chasing me. They are too focused on the resentment hanging between them.

Divatosity: North Dakota Sunset

Late last week, I spent a leisurely day at a lakehouse in North Dakota. It was amazing.
There was no Internet access in the lakehouse and the closest town was 15 miles away.
This gave me the opportunity to stroll around the lake and snap random photos.