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Morning Light Makes The Difference...

Everything looks different in the light of morning. Have you ever noticed how things look calmer right after the break of dawn? All of the uncertainty, resentment, and other negativity seems to fade into the ether.

The Meaning Behind "bougiepolitan"

bougiepolitan poker deck by Bougie Girl Apparel

What does the phrase "bougiepolitan" mean?

Does it mean that someone possesses the "right" family and educational credentials to get ahead in the world?

Does it fall within the realm of the aspirational?

 Bougiepolitan people can be found living in cities, rural hinterlands, suburbs, or just about

They are not afraid to go beyond their current circumstances.

Bougiepolitan folks are not limited by how society views them.

They keep on doing what they do without nary a look back.

Bougie Girl: Now and Then

Bougie Girl by Bougie Girl Apparel
This is an updated version of the T-shirt which I first released in 2008.  The font is thicker and the letters are closer together.

The 2008 version of the Bougie Girl T-Shirt.

British Columbia, Here I Come...

Years ago, whilst living in Los Angeles, I aspired to do a extensive tour of the West Coast.

 I envisioned myself taking a train from Southern California all the way up to Vancouver, British Columbia. Unfortunately, my dream trip was too cost prohibitive.

At the time, I decided to parse out my West Coast travel by taking short trips throughout California.

Fast forward to 2014, and I have finally booked a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia by way of Seattle. I can't wait to finally experience this city.

Divatosity Fashion: Hand Painted Charm

This necklace has been on loan from my mother's jewelry box since 1992. This necklace has seen me through me 4 colleges, 5 states, a few boyfriends, and countless events. Originally, I promised to return this necklace to my mother after college graduation.
Yet for some reason, I cannot bear to part with this necklace. The vibrant colors of this necklace glam up even the most conservative attire.


Cougartronika by Bougie Girl

The state of being a supersonic Cougar.

The Imperfection of the Unknown

I just want to know how it all will end. Why? So, that I can be prepared for what lies down the road. But, are we ever really prepared for anything that happens in this crazy life? The unknown drives me crazy and yet, I still long to live the type of life which contains a splash of it.