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Happy Halloween!

This year I dressed up as Foxxy Brown.

The Main Chick's Lament

The Main Chick's Lament by Bougie Girl Apparel

You are the main chick. The one whom he runs to when he has a falling out with the other members of his harem. They are all clawing over one another for a chance to be in your position. 
From their vantage point, you hold the key to his heart. But, do you really? 
I mean, if he truly cherished you, there would be no need for him to have a harem in the first place. 
In reality, you are nothing more to him than a glorified fallback chick. 
I am challenging you to pick up the remaining tatters of your self-worth and walk away from this toxic situation.

Bougie Girl Problems: Wannabe Bougie Mama

She is staring across the table at me with a mix of amusement and disgust in her eyes. I am benignly polite because she is an elder and his mother. He has made his mark in the world as a lawyer. We met in law school. I dropped out after the 1st year and pursued my MBA instead. To his credit, my husband was supportive of my decision.

His mother feels differently. She thinks that he can do better than my mere middle-class background. Never mind that my husband's pedigree is what could best be described as working poor, both parents dropped out of school in junior high, and she barely knows which fork to use.

Alas, this does not stop her from admonishing him for not marrying into a wealthier family.

We purchased her a charming 3 bedroom, 2 bath cottage in a great neighborhood. Alas, she expected us to buy her a McMansion and reminds us of that fact every day.

 She is demanding that we raise her monthly allowance from $500 to $1,000 and to bankroll her yearly pilgrimage to the Carib…

NaBloPoMo for November 2013

National Blog Posting Month begins November 1, 2013. I participated in this back in 2011 and I had a blast. It was tough to balance out blogging every day with working full-time and juggling my social calendar. Somehow, I made it through...barely.

Exploring the "Scandal" Love Quadrangle: From Fitz's Point-of-View

I have been married to Mellie for over 20 years. In that time, a lot has happened. My political career took off, we started a family, and I became the most powerful man in the world. We grew apart and that's to be expected during a long marriage. To her credit, Mellie is a wonderful mother and I will always appreciate her massive support of my political career. But, although I have love for Mellie, she does not have my heart...Olivia does.

Lifestyle: Autumn Sunsets

One of my favorite aspects of early autumn is sitting outside and watching the sunset with a mug of hot peppermint tea. Within a few minutes, the day's earlier stresses melt away. I am left with this feeling of quiet elation.

Food: Cold Weather Sandwiches

Temperatures are dropping and perhaps so is your bank balance. Colder weather can bring with it higher heating costs, more expensive grocery bills, and of course, the unexpected expenses of the holiday season. Cold weather sandwiches provide a versatile and low-cost meal option.

You can make a sandwich using bread, tortillas, egg roll wraps, hoagy bread, flatbread, naan bread, or ingredients rolled in lettuce leaves. Yet another option is to prepare the ingredients as a stand alone meal.

This evening I am going the more traditional sandwich route. I am preparing a chopped pork sandwich on a standard hamburger bun with chopped Baby bella mushrooms, green onions,  and a half slice of Havarti cheese. I marinated the pork in garlic oil and lemon juice. Afterwards, I slow-cooked the pork in vegetable broth on a low heat for about an hour or so. Next, I lightly sautéed the Baby bella mushrooms and green onions in basil oil.

I lightly baked the hamburger buns in the oven for a  few minutes. Nex…

Bougie Girl Problems: Conflicted Bougie

You feel guilty for the opportunities bestowed upon you. It doesn't help that you are surrounded by those whom did not have those same opportunities. They guilt you into paying for outings, giving them money, hooking them up with your network, and basically handing over the keys to your self-worth.

Each time you resist, they grumble about how you "owe" them both a better today and tomorrow. You tirelessly work on charities which help the poor and less fortunate. But, it does not feel like enough and your "friends" scoff at your "efforts" as they extend their palms for yet another extortion payment.

Maybe some day, you will stand up for yourself and stop apologizing for the hard work of your ancestors.

Dark Energy Has A Crush On Me...

Dark Energy Has A Crush On Me.... by Bougie Girl Apparel

Dark energy has always had a thing for me. Each time, I clear him out of my life...he pops back up as if he never left. I have smudged, burned, meditated, shielded, and thrown his metaphysical furniture onto the lawn. Yet, he takes my outright rejection of him in stride. He smirks with an inner knowing that I cannot fathom.

There are plenty of Lightworkers whom would invite him into their lives without batting an eye. They would willingly let him drain them of all their light and love. Yet, apparently, Mr. Dark Energy relishes a challenge and he continues to follow me around like a light-starved perpetual adolescent.

Exploring the "Scandal" Love Quadrangle: From Mellie's Point-of-View

I am married to the most powerful man in the world. He is in love with someone else. After everything that we have been through together. We share 3 beautiful children and a long history. Despite everything, Fitz would rather throw away our family together and the highest office in the land to be with this other woman. You should see the way that they look at one another. Admittedly, he never looked at me that way...ever.

Lifestyle: October!

October is more than halfway over.

Have you had a chance to visit your local pumpkin patch? Are you liberally snapping photos of the leaves on the trees? This evening, did you sip warm apple cider whilst out on a leisurely stroll?  Are you alternating between watching Major League Baseball, the NFL, and college football?Has weekend tailgating become a way of life for you?Are you looking forward to dressing up for Halloween?  Don't fret, if you answered "No" to a majority of the above-mentioned questions. You still have a couple of weeks to enjoy these activities. So, pour yourself a mug of warm apple cider, throw some meat on the grill on game day, and take a quick trip to your local pumpkin patch. A month from now, we could be dealing with more wintry conditions and the somewhat balmy breezes of October will be a distant memory.

Pumpkin patches, apple cider, country drives

Dear Newly Minted Couple

Dear Newly Minted Couple,

All around you everyone seems to be on the verge of breaking up. No one seems to care about your cute little anecdotes, inside jokes, or pet names. They are too busy focused on their own crumbly relationships.

Please do not let their troubles poison your newly minted coupledom. New love is a fragile thing which can be unwittingly poisoned by discordant couples orbiting within your solar system.

My advice is to stay in your own cocoon for as long as possible.

Food: Let's Talk About Mushrooms

Mushrooms add a texture and smoky flavor to your meals. Mushrooms are my "go to" ingredient. I use them to add weight to simple soups, texture to a majority of my potato dishes, and to flavor   salads.

Below are some vinegars and oils which I use to prepare mushrooms.

1. Safflower oil
2. Grapeseed oil
3. Extra Virgin Olive oil
4. Garlic Oil
5. Balsamic vinegar
6. Basil Oil
7. Red Wine Vinegar
8. White vinegar

In addition, I have also found that soaking mushrooms in lemon, lime, and/or tangelo juice adds a yummy spark of flavor to them. Especially, when used on salads and chicken.

Lifestyle: Gettin' Crunk At The Roller Rink!

Roller skating isn't just for the children. Many roller rinks have nights specially designated for those 18 years and older. They play tunes from both the old school format and current hits.

I went roller skating a couple of weeks ago and it was a lot of fun. I rocked out to old  school Journey tunes and got my skate on with some Nelly music. The first thing that I noticed about roller skating as an adult was how nervous I was about falling down. As a kid, I was such a daredevil on skates. The 30-something version of myself is a little leery about taking corners too fast and  the whole skating backwards thing.

My fellow attendees were comprised of older Baby Boomers, college kids, wannabe roller derby queens, and Gen Xers whom were lucky enough to find a sitter on a Thursday night.

Luckily, I survived my night of roller skating and I plan on going again sometime in the near future.

Exploring the "Scandal" Love Quadrangle

A few days ago, I was brainstorming ideas for the blog, blog, and the Bougie Girl Coaching podcast.

During the brainstorming  session, my mind kept returning to  the ABC drama  "Scandal".

I have always wanted to explore the complex love quadrangle going on between Mellie, Fitz, Olivia, and Jake. For the next few weeks, I am going to both write and podcast about the fascinating, yet dysfunctional dynamic between these four characters.

The blog will contain a short monologue from each individual character. The blog and the Bougie Girl Coaching podcast will delve into more of a real world view of the quadrangle.

Fare Thee Well...

Fare thee well to those ideas, relationships, and situations which are no longer serving you. I know that right now you are struggling with this concept. The old toxic way of coping is all you know and all you long for.

Universal Friendship

First comes the tentative friendship with hopes of it turning into something more. Next, comes the relationship filled with ups, downs, and everything in between. The inevitable break up follows and it stretches out over a long period time. Finally, a reconciliation and realization that the healthiest thing for both parties is to dispel any notions of ever getting back together as a couple.