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A View From The Beach...

You can see the entire world from this beach.

The gently lapping waves will remind you to remain calm in all of  your day-to-day dealings.

The sand will convince you to follow your heart.


Settleworthy by Bougie Girl Apparel

I am not the best thing that ever happened to you but, I am certainly not the worst. I get that you are afraid to trust again. That last man must have really done a number on your head. I promise that our time together will not contain an ounce of drama or strife.
I am not your dream man but, I am Settleworthy. So, give me a chance, will ya?

I Am A Closed Door

I Am A Closed Door by Bougie Girl Apparel

I am a closed door and yet you can't help but, to gaze up on me longingly. You run different scenarios through your head which mainly comprise of  the words "coulda", "shoulda", "woulda", and "what if".  Whenever a door closes, the Universe shifts and the previous key no longer works in the lock.

Why Love Is Worth It

Why Love Is Worth It... Tee Shirts by Bougie Girl Apparel

 Love brings us closer to our soul. It offers us a safe place to grow, shed, and evolve. Alas, so many of us settle for a half-baked/slapped together/ultimately unhealthy version of love. Over time, we stop believing that love is worth much at all. All I ask is that you trade in your jaded notions of love for a more hopeful point-of-view.  

I Heart Alpha Men...

I Heart Alpha Men by Bougie Girl Apparel

I heart alpha men..but, only the evolved ones. The unevolved ones give me a headache and annoy me to no end. An evolved alpha man will listen to opinions, cheer you on, and instinctively knows when to stand back and when to step up.

Revenge Didn't Set Me Free

Revenge Didn't Set Me Free by Bougie Girl Apparel

Revenge didn't set me free. In fact, just the opposite occurred. My actions only served to fuse our souls tighter together.

It Just Didn't Work Out...

It Just Didn't Work Out... by Bougie Girl Apparel

It just didn't work out. You imagined yourself there in that happy space forever. But, you aren't there anymore. You live someplace a land filled with heartache and disappointments.