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Sometimes, I Like Feeling Marginalized...

Sometimes, I Like Feeling Marginalized... by Bougie Girl Apparel

Sometimes, I like feeling marginalized. It gives me the opportunity to be the center of attention.

A Woman's Wariness...

A Woman's Wariness by Bougie Girl Apparel

You hate to be the woman dwelling on a particular past hurt but, yet here you are. Crying about something that doesn't even matter anymore. Staying stuck in a situation which was ultimately going to be toxic for you anyway.
You should really be relieved that things were cut short. The life which you built during the aftermath is loads better than what you would have ended up with. You take a deep breath and quickly glide through the mirrored room of the past, careful not to get caught up in the jagged edges of hurt feelings and misrepresentations.

Let Your Petty Flag Fly...

Let Your Petty Flag Fly... by Bougie Girl Apparel

Hoist up that flag of pettiness and let it fly majestically above you. Stir up drama, insist on being the center of attention, and make sure to throw  up walls whenever bridges would be a better alternative. 
 Don't worry about whether your actions will adversely affect the lives of others. Just keep doin' your thing and remember to always convey the proper deference to your flag of pettiness.
Thanks again, for doing your part in perpetuating pettiness throughout the world.

I Have No More Need For Your BS....

I Have No More Need For Your BS... by Bougie Girl Apparel

We all have a BS saturation point. Mine just happens to occur at a lower threshold. It's as though I have a super sensitive tuner on my BS meter. Certain people have the ability to trigger it easier than others.  
Congratulations, you are one of those people!
Over the years, I endured a truckload of  BS from you. I never complained because well, I felt sorry for you. I mean, you didn't come from the best circumstances. Yet, you mistook my kindness for weakness and thought that it gave you carte blanche to sabotage, bully, and otherwise make my life a living hell. 
Sure, I could have confronted you earlier but, I am a busy woman. I can't be taking time out of my exciting life to deal with your BS all of the time. However, this most current episode of your BSitude went way too far and now I am dismissing you from my life forever.

Raggedy A** Bidding War

Raggedy A** Bidding War by BougieGirl1

I am the type of guy whom likes to keep the ladies on a string. Usually, I have several ladies dangling there at once because let's face it, one woman can't even begin to satisfy all of my needs. I need a bed bunny, nice girl, mother-figure, homegirl, showpiece and a crazy psycho chick.  The odds of finding these traits in one woman are slim to none.
Now, dating multiple women ain't easy. You have to schedule around birthdays, holidays, work obligations, and my time with friends.
Sometimes, one of the girls will get out of pocket and start asking too many questions about my whereabouts. If she refuses to back down, I either cut her loose or gaslight her back into submission.
Also, I always let the top tier girls know that I am dating other people. Which drives them to bring their best game to me. In essence, I start a raggedy a** bidding war of sorts. It's hysterical to watch these chicks get all competitive over a toad-faced dude…

Catalystic Tendencies

catalystic tendencies... by Bougie Girl Apparel

 I am the person whom inspires others to make that change which they  have always talked about but, could never quite manage. I project immense beams of love and light. I use my catalystic powers to create a warm womb-like space which gives them a safe place to change and grow. 
Sometimes, it only takes 15 minute pep talk to change the course of someone's life. In other instances, it has taken a few years for the effects of my catalystic tendencies to make a difference.
My work is everything to me. Yet, there have been times in which my catalystic tendencies back-fired and the recipient short-circuited from the high dosage of light and love.
Those folks ended up in a much worse position before they met me. 
Still, those failures aside, I do feel as though the world needs more catalysts.  
We bring others to their highest potential and then we fade into the ether.

Settled for...

Settled for... t shirts by Bougie Girl Apparel

Being "settled for" is not a feeling that I would wish upon anyone. Settled for means second and sometimes even third best. I should be feeling as though I won the love lottery but, I don't. Somehow, you always make me feel as though I am in the way of the one whom you are truly seeking. 
My needs and opinions don't matter much to you. I am only here to put in appearances and to reassure your family that you are being taken care of. I suppose they don't need to know that you spend most of your evenings cruising online dating websites and ignoring the hell out of me.

I Want Love On A 2 Way Street

I Want Love On A 2 Way Street by Bougie Girl

Is this too much to ask for?

In Praise of Challenging Women

In Praise Of Challenging Women by Bougie Girl Apparel

Thank you for calling me out on my BS. I don't often take time to tell you how much I appreciate being married to a woman like you. You have been straight with me since the day we met. Your upfront communication style lets me know exactly how you feel about a particular issue.  Living with is not always  easy but, it has  been worth it.