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Privilege Police

Privilege Police Stickers by Bougie Girl Apparel

Privilege lurks everywhere. You never know when it will jump out of the bushes and tackle you. I have certainly found this out the hard way. I spent a majority of my childhood mired in the chains of my brown-skinned femaleness.

Yet, to some my athletic build and reasonable attractiveness makes me part of the privileged class. Funny,  I don't feel "privileged" when mall security follows me around solely on the basis of my skin color.
Still, the self-appointed  cadre of Privilege Police demands that I carry around guilt for all those whom will never benefit from the comeliness of their appearance.

Body Shamer

I will find a way to shame you and your body. If I deem you too thin, I will accuse you of kowtowing to the expectations of the Dominant Culture. I will blog incessantly about your "body issues" and speculate out loud whether you ever felt truly loved by your family. I will spew hateful things about the lack of intelligence possessed by those women under a certain weight. I will accuse them of using their collective petite sizes as an oppressive tool against the female gender at large.
 If I determine that you are overweight, I will advise you to never even think about losing weight. Cuz, if I find out that you are attempting to lose weight, I will shame you into oblivion using various social media tools. I will instruct you to ignore your doctor's advice about diabetes and your family's history of heart disease. In other words, I will tell you that your issues are not medical but, rather part of a larger conversation.

I will reduce your entire existence as a platf…

The Stench of Regret

The Stench of Regret by Bougie Girl Apparel

What exactly does regret look like?

He used to think that there was no such thing as regret. Yet, as he got older he realized that regret does indeed exist. It lives in all of those opportunities that you did not take. Regret carries with it a musty scent which can be attributed to pent up potential which has been slowly decomposing over the years.

Sometimes, I Just Need To Get Over Myself....

Sometimes, I Just Need To Get Over Myself.... by Bougie Girl Apparel

Sometimes, I just need to get over myself. I feel the need to punish those whom dare to think that I am a worthwhile person. I push them far away from me. Now, I am about to pay the price. My pregnant wife has just filed for divorce because she would rather be a single mom than deal with me. 
Apparently, she's tired of my constant moodiness and thinks that being around me is putting our unborn child at risk. My brother is urging me to get help for my depression..which I am sure that I don't have.

Irretrievable Heartache

Irretrievable Heartache by Bougie Girl Apparel

Irretrievable heartache can take many forms. It incubates within broken people whom then sallyforth and infect others with the Loser Spirit.

Humble Yet Competent

Where is it written that a woman cannot be both humble and competent?

Must  feminine humility always be coupled with an air of of incompetence?

Will menfolk only cherish my ignorance and naivete? Will my inner strength ever be counted as part of my beauty? 

A Brief Chat With The Truth...

A Brief Chat With The Truth... by Bougie Girl Apparel

The other day, Truth sidled up next to me and asked,

"Do you have a few minutes to chat?"

Admittedly, I was reluctant to take time out of my hectic schedule to chat with him. Alas, he was quite persistent. I agreed to a brief chat. Almost immediately, he grabbed one of my hands and pulled me closer.

"What I am about to tell you may be difficult to hear."

Have you ever experienced a realization that literally knocked the wind out of you? Perhaps, deep down you always knew the truth but, you chose to look the other way. Truth is a relentless type of fella and he will not take "No" for an answer.   

You have to let the Truth take you by the hand and listen to him as he explains why you must listen to him with both your heart and your mind. He will instruct you to never settle for a situation in which you are not being fully honored.

Soul Ravager...

Soul Ravager... by Bougie Girl Apparel

A ravaged soul ain't a pretty sight to see. Its inner light is dimmed out and is filled with a lot of scar tissue. Now, these infirmities don't seem to stop said  ravaged soul from hitting the town and strutting their dysfunctional stuff.
I should know, I am the one whom ravaged said soul in the first place. Now, don't go gettin' all judgmental on me. These souls know exactly what they are gettin' into with me. I can take on many forms such as: broken promises, illicit drugs, anchorweights, and entitlement. 
I seduce these souls and pretend to be giving them a new lease on life. They are so confused and naive that they willingly give themselves entirely over to me. Big mistake on their part.

Interim Heartache

Interim Heartache by Bougie Girl Apparel
We were always in an on-again, off-again, who the hell knows what's going on with our relationship. We first met when we were both unhappily married. We struck up a friendship and communicated via instant message. Nothing too sultry. Mainly, we talked about work and life as an unhappy spouse.

One day he just up and left his wife for another woman. Not me, but another chick that he had on the side. All hell broke loose and we lost touch for awhile. A few months later, I took the kids and left my own bad marriage.  A year later, we were both divorced with kids and trying to figure out what else life had in store for us.

Inevitably, we began dating and it was better than I ever could have imagined. I envisioned myself with him forever. Until, I came across his open laptop whilst he was in the shower. His email was open and there was message from another woman and it was all lovey-dovey. I scrolled down to the bottom of the email chain and saw …