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Wait, Why Are We Fighting Again???

Wait, Why Are We Fighting Again? by Bougie Girl Apparel

Have you ever participated in a long-running feud? One that spans longer than 5 years? At the beginning of the feud you were so hell-bent casting the other person as the "bad" one and doing whatever was necessary to keep the feud going.

Each time the flames of anger died down, you did your best to make sure that the flames of anger and resentment remained sufficiently fanned. The funny thing is that you can't really remember what started the feud.

Was something about a guy that you both liked? Or was it your huge promotion?

Perhaps, it was a guest list which she somehow forgot to include you on?

Over time, the exact cause of the feud becomes immaterial because life waits for no one.
How many more years do you want to cling to a raggedy misshapen disagreement which over the years resembles more of a petty tiff than a life-long feud?
How many times do you plan on trotting out the same long litany of explanations as t…

Trapped In A Matrix Of Selfishness

Trapped In A Matrix Of Selfishness by Bougie Girl Apparel

"It's all about me!" "What about my needs?""Somebody, better tell me that I am special pretty darn quick...otherwise I am going to have a huge meltdown and ruin everyone's night.""Oh, are you going through an extremely difficult time? That's too bad. Now, here's what's going on in my life..."
It's shockingly easy to become trapped within a matrix of our own selfishness. 
Over time, we become accustomed to our cossetted existence. 
We conveniently forget that there is a whole world out there  filled with other people...until our own world aka matrix crumbles around us.
Still, we vainly attempt to hide behind smashed pieces of rubble, fooling ourselves into believing that it will offer us some type of protection.
The seemingly "dazzling" aspects of our former life have given way to a new path.  
A path which will lead us away from the matrix of our own selfi…

The Socialization of Superheroes

The Socialization Of Superheroes by Bougie Girl Apparel

Superheroes are not known for our great people skills. Sure, we know how to save people from dangerous situations but, when it comes to making small talk...well, understandably we are at a bit of a loss.  Think about it, what mortal person really wants to hear about all of the people  whom a superhero has saved and the crisis situations which were averted because our selflessness and/or our amazing physique?
Superheroes hide from the world during peaceful moments by  painting, writing poetry, or mindlessly strumming a guitar while our thoughts wander. 
However, after the crisis alarm sounds and our very nature compels us to answer the distress call.
We change into our uniforms which come complete with swords, shields, and other weaponry which will assist us in our rescue mission.
Once the distress call has been handled... we go underground again.
This makes being in a relationship with a superhero particularly challenging because…

Honesty Monologue:The Second Chance Window Is Now Closed...

The Second Chance Window Is Now Closed... by Bougie Girl Apparel

Do you really want a second chance?  Or is it something that you think that you should want?  The time for reconciliation and peace talks ended long ago.
But, how can this be you ask?

Wasn't it just yesterday when the friendship, relationships, work association dissolved?
Wait, has it really been 10 years?

Sheesh, I could have sworn that only a couple of years went by.

Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: Tater Tot Casserole (Amplified)

This is my "infamous" tater tot casserole recipe. Over the years, I have used this recipe to feed US Navy Sailors, homies, and most recently it charmed the attendees of a football party. This hearty dish can feed up to 10 to 20 people.

A bag of frozen tater tots (Follow the directions on the bag)
3 tbsps of lime juice
1/4 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese
1/8 cup of grilled scallions
1/4 cup of cooked bacon bits
1/4 cup of extra Virgin olive oil
20 strips of bacon

While the tater tots are baking, cook the bacon on the stove in a skillet.

In a separate pan, grill the mushrooms and scallions.

After the tater tots are finished, place them into a  resealable plastic container and mix  in the mushrooms and scallions.

Once the bacon cools, break into bits and sprinkle over the tater tots.

Drizzle lime juice over the casserole.

Stir the mozzarella cheese into the casserole.


Freewriting Series: Passion Ignited

Love between two people can ignite and burn much in the same manner as the fire shown in this photograph.

What starts out as a slowly unfolding kinship...turns into an inferno of combustion that neither one of you is expecting.

Freewriting Series: Shadows Etched On A Fence

Sometimes, shadows project a more solid image than we do.

Honesty Monologue: Scratchy Blanket Syndrome

Scratchy Blanket Syndrome T Shirts by Bougie Girl Apparel
What is scratchy blanket syndrome?

It's an extreme state of ingratitude. For example, let's say that your house burned down on a cold night. You only have the clothes on your back and no coat whatsoever to speak of. Your neighbor drapes a heavy wool blanket around your shoulders.

The first thing you notice is not the kind gesture of your neighbor nor the warmth of the blanket...but, how scratchy it is.

 "This blanket is scratchy." You snarl to your neighbor.

You let the blanket fall to the ground and step over it...because it is scratchy after all.