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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Freewriting Series: Levels of Vibrations

He was your first love. You guys were virtually carbon copies of  one another. But, it couldn't last, guys were virtually carbon copies of one another. Your combined vibration was fun and novel at first but, you guys could never get very far either on your own or together.

Then, the fights and accusations started.

"You're holding me back." You accuse.

He responds in kind.

The truth is that you are both holding each other back. Neither one of your vibration levels is high enough to propel you past the point of where you are. It can only go down from here.

So, you make the decision to leave him.

Not too long after, you come across a man whom is a couple of steps ahead of you on the path. Being with him forces you to grow past  your previous low vibration. Soon, you are traveling places and meeting different types of people and it's all because of his influence. You are his best pupil. But, after awhile you long to be his companion and not his pupil.

He admits that he will not ever view you as a companion but, just as a pupil. You decide that being his pupil will stagnate you in the long run. You both part on good terms. He moves onto to his next pupil and you head for  the Land of Solitude.

You stay in solitude for a year. You explore new horizons by yourself and send good vibes to your former mentor for his tutelage. Then, you come up on another man.

He has strengths that you do not possess but, he is weak in the areas in which you are strong. For the first time ever, you encounter a man whom you can truly grow with. You are not his buddy, nor his pupil... but, his true companion.

This all happened 20 years ago, and you have been blissfully married ever since. Whenever people ask you about the secret of your instruct them to find a companion who has strengths that you don't possess and vice versa. Too much sameness and nothing moves. Too much disparity in life experience and it turns into a teacher-student dynamic which can kill passion and stunt your emotional growth.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Freewriting Series: So, This Is Happy Hour???

They call it Happy Hour. Yet, no one seems really overjoyed to be here.  Instead, this place is rockin' a vibe of abject desperation. I watch in faint amusement as the ladies in this joint attempt to look faintly bored. They fixate their attention on updating their social media status and do their best to tamp down their anxiety.

The men in this place are drinking too much and guffawing a bit too loudly. They aren't really on the prowl... at least not in the strictest sense. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Relationships Are A Lot Like TV Shows....


Relationships are a lot like TV shows. Sometimes, the pilot episode aka first date is so magical that we sign on for an entire season aka serious relationship and halfway through it...we realize that all of the good stuff happened in the pilot.

Other times, the pilot episode aka the first date is a little awkward but, still endearing so we give it another couple of episodes to see what happens...and BAM the rest of the season is awesome and you sign up for another 10 seasons aka marriage.

Alas, after awhile the show gets stale. The chemistry fades away to the point where cast and crew changes aka counseling and other things are not enough to keep the show going. It is difficult to let go of the show because it has been with us for so long.

We grew up during the show aka relationship/marriage but, it's best for posterity aka our sanity to cancel the show aka relationship/marriage and move on.
After the show is cancelled aka breakup/divorce the leading man aka significant other moves on and signs up to do another pilot episode aka new relationship. We don't have any prospects for a new show aka relationship and it burns us up that our former leading man has a new gig.

We start to pine and long for our past episodes together...conveniently forgetting about those terrible seasons. So, we go to the actor's trailer of our former leading man or he comes to ours and promises for the future are made.

Then, we wake up and realize that if we go back to our former leading man that our life will be one big re-run with tired dialogue and no opportunity for growth....unless  we decide that we are worth more than having our episodes air at 2 am on Tuesday mornings.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Freewriting Series: Beige Beings

Sometimes, we fall into a comfortable routine. We get up the same time every day, eat the the same foods, and even talk about the same things. It gets old and this constant state of sameness turns us into Beige Beings.

Beige beings are perpetually stuck in a rut of their making. Sure, we all need routine however, we also have to be willing to shake things up once in awhile.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Free-writing Series: The Rewriting Process

Back in 2007, I wrote a romance novella entitled: "Dirk's Decision" during National Novel Writing Month. I wrote this novella during a more tumultuous time in my life. Writing felt like the only solid thing that I had going on in my life.

Over the years, I have vowed to edit this novella and it just hasn't happened...until now.

Currently, I am reading the rough draft version of this novella on my podcast Bougie Girl Story Hour. Each time I read from it, I seem to find a grammatical and/or a  style error which, I somehow missed back in 2007. 

Admittedly, there is a part of me that wants to completely scrap this story and go onto something else.

Yet, I know in my heart that immersing myself into the rewriting process will be good for my psyche in the long run.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Freewriting Series: VHS Tapes

Do you remember when VHS tapes were all the rage?  Back in the day, my family would rent VHS movies from the local grocery store. Now, most of us watch our movies via the Internet or using On-Demand programming.

A moment of silence for a bygone era.

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