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Showing posts from October, 2012

Freewriting Series: Are Weeds In Your Way?

Sometimes, weeds disguise themselves as something else. They can appear to us as something positive and it is not until much later that we find ourselves caught in their trap.

Freewriting Series: Seeing Red

Sometimes, passion can just jump right out onto our path. Our first reaction is to get out of its way. Passion has been known to lead us down treacherous roads. Roads which we would be better off avoiding altogether.

Freewriting Series: A Dash Of Unexpected Color

Last week, I was strolling through downtown Lawrence, KS before dinner when I came across these flowers. They caught my eye and I had just had to snap a photo of them.

Lavender seems so out of place in mid-October. Lavender makes me think of the new promise of Spring or at the very least leisurely summer evenings. The day I snapped this photo, Autumn breezes were blustering about showing us mere mortals just how powerful she is.

Guest Blogger: Manilyn Moreno

Freewriting Series:The Shadowed Path

The shadowed path beckons you to follow it. Just remember not to ask too many questions during the journey. Walk silently and with reverence towards your greater understanding...

Freewriting Series: The Fast Horse

During my childhood, this horse was the fastest one on the block. Now as an adult, I can see the ways in which time has been unkind to my old friend. Funny, he seemed so much shinier all those years ago.

Freewriting Series: Hand Made Signs

Keep off the grass, please.
A simple sign which could take on multiple meanings.

Freewriting Series: Cold Weather

Today the Kansas wind whipped through my thin suit jacket. Summer is definitely over for the year. It's time to embrace the Autumn and all that it has to offer.

Freewriting Series: Goodbye to Pageant Hair

Recently, I made the very difficult decision to cease rockin' pageant hair on a daily basis. I came to this decision  because I got tired of spending an hour styling my hair every day.  For the past couple of months, I have opted for a more subdued style which bored the  heck out of me.

Until a  couple of weeks ago, my hairstylist convinced me to throw some highlights in my hair. Let me tell you, it has made all the difference. I feel a lot lighter and my new regimen has enabled me to work out longer in the morning.