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Honesty Monologues: Cheered Off A Cliff

Cheered Off A Cliff by Bougie Girl Apparel
"You can do it!"  I cheerfully declare.

Although,  I know that you are headed straight for disaster.

My sweet empty words push you ever closer to the proverbial cliff's edge.


Freewriting Series: tired a** games

tired a** games by Bougie Girl Apparel

There is no room in a loving relationship for tired a** games.
So, why do we keep playing them?

Freewriting Series: Fondness Isn't Love

Fondness Isn't Love by Bougie Girl Apparel

Fondness isn't love. How many times do we have to get our heartbroken before we realize that one cannot build a life with someone else based strictly on fondness?
Basing a relationship solely on love alone is risky at best. But, trying to sustain a relationship on fondness is just plain hazardous to your heart.

Honesty Monologues: Boneyard of Broken Promises

Boneyard of Broken Promises... by Bougie Girl Apparel

Wending your way through the Boneyard of Broken Promises is not easy. Just remember to put one foot in front of the other. Also, try not to openly gawk at the husks of the abandoned promises He made to you way back when.

It can be tempting to try and warn the poor unfortunate woman whom comes  along after you about the Baron of this particular Boneyard of Broken Promises. However, please do not waste your energy in doing so. She will have to learn on her own much like you did.

Don't you recall how his previous exes, his family/friends, your family/friends tried to warn you about his grandiose promises and his tendency to break them on a regular basis?

Did you listen?

Of course you didn't.


Because you needed to believe that his past behavior of breaking promises was a reflection of his  most recent Ex. If She would have only kept him happy, he would not have broken his promises to her.

Ironically, once upon a time, She…

Honesty Dialogues: The Ex Tax

The Ex Tax by Bougie Girl Apparel
(A man and woman are seated across from one another at a kitchen table. They are in a spirited discussion.)

So let me get this don't want to get back together.


Why not? We were good together. During our relationship, my life felt right.

That's nice. But, you seemed to have forgotten the hell you put me through.

Man: What do you mean?

Well, let's start with the daily 3 hour conversations about what a horrible woman your Ex is. Then, perhaps, afterwards we can discuss how all of your life's problems can be directly attributed to your Ex. And then maybe, we can chat about how she is never going to let you go and she stirs up trouble in all of your relationships by using your children as weapons against you.

Wow, now you are just being mean-spirited.

Which part of my last statement contained mean-spiritedness?

It's not her fault that she is the way she is.


Honesty Dialogues: Discard Pile

Discard Pile by Bougie Girl Apparel

(A Male Interviewer is sitting in an overstuffed chair on a sound stage in front of a live studio audience. A pleasant looking woman named Jenny is sitting in an overstuffed chair across from the Male Interviewer. The Female Guest is on the show to discuss her  Ex's monologue.)
Male Interviewer:
Today's show is a response to the concept of being an Ex for a reason. Please welcome my guest Jenny to the show. (The audience applauds politely.)
Thanks for having me on the show.
Male Interviewer:
Just a little while back you were on the receiving end of a somewhat scathing monologue by your Ex-husband. In that monologue, he revealed that you two were still um, having relations. Also, that he was ready to move on with his life.
It was quite a monologue.
Male Interviewer:
What was going through your mind at the time of his rant?
I was in shock. I mean we had this perfect little arrangement and I really thought that we would get…

Honesty Monologues: Operation- Chess Piece

Occupation: Chess Piece by Bougie Girl Apparel
It's not easy being the chess piece in someone else's game. Admittedly, I make it look easy. But, rest assured this is a difficult gig. For one thing, being a chess piece means that I am always at the mercy of someone else's emotional rollercoaster.  I am free to go at any time, yet something still  keeps me rooted to my  square.