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Bougie Girl In The Kitchen:Pasta Shells

Cooking with pasta shells offers a simple and low cost way to add a little flair to everyday meals.

For example, pasta shells lightly sauteed in marinara, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, lemon, and pepper are  perfect as a side dish for a simple weekend lunch.

Sometimes, I add grilled chicken to this dish to make it even more exciting.

Pasta shells  also  make a great addition to tomato soup, chicken broth, and to vegetable dishes.

Bougie Girl Fiction: Love On Two Different Planes Part II

Love On A Different Plane by Bougie Girl Apparel

Woman's Point-of-View

I am being psychically attacked as we speak. He thinks that I don't know what he is doing. I have half a mind to shatter his delusions.

 But, why?

It's not going to heal the situation and if anything it will only serve to make it worse..

Every day, I gird myself against psychic mindgamery.  I  am  planning to send him healing energy. I surmise that healing him will break the invisible bond between us.

My friends are leery of my plan. They say that healing him, even from afar, will make him more powerful.My friends point out  is already abusing the psychic power which he currently possesses. If I taught him how to properly harness his psychic power...the results could be dangerous for the world at large.

Also, my tutelage may tether us together even tighter.

An emotionally stunted person does not have the innate ability to use their psychic gifts properly. Instead, they  wield it as a weapon just for the…

Bougie Girl Fiction: Love On Two Different Planes Part I

Love On A Different Plane Postcard by Bougie Girl Apparel

Man's Point-of-View

She is sleeping on the bed we once shared. She has no idea that I am here. She has no clue of my nightly visitations. Sometimes, I sit in the chair and watch her sleep for hours...until the sun comes up.

Afterwards,  I return to my own body.

Weird, huh? You are probably wondering why I don't come back here and talk to her on the earthly plane.

See, I tried that and it was an epic fail. I couldn't control her on the earthly plane she was much too powerful a person there. However, she's got nothing on me when it comes to astral travel.

I run the astral plane and I have even entered her dreams. She wakes up all confused and rattled. I love watching her struggle against me. It amuses me and more importantly energizes my soul.

I could leave her alone and concentrate on pursuing a healthy relationship on the earthly plane but, I have yet to find someone on her level.

She taught me that the main way…


Sometimes, I get so caught up in working on the Untitled Newport Memoir project that I lose all track of space and time. This surprises me because I usually detest the rewriting phase of any project.

However, this  project is different from the rest. I feel a duty to myself to overcome my bad relationship with rewriting and press on in an efficient manner sans whining about the things which I would rather be doing instead.

Newport has helped me to grow as both  a person and a writer. The very least I can do is show it my gratitude by writing a memoir that accurately encapsulates all that this charming town means to me.

Freewriting Series: Loss of Trust

Loss of Trust by Bougie Girl Apparel

A complete loss of trust rarely occurs all at once. It's a much slower process. An outright deception here and  a dash of insincerity there can  result in the rapid fleeing of trust from any relationship.  Trust is so important yet, how many of us take the time to foster it properly within our relationships?

Bougie Girl Travel: By The Time I Get to Portland Part III

Dessert and not a moment too soon. The bartender places down a piping hot blueberry streusel covered with a heaping of cream.There is also a scoop of ice cream to keep my appetite occupied. Steam is coming up from the bowl and I force myself to wait until it cools down. Five minutes later, I am shoveling a spoonful of this lovely dessert into my mouth.

I spend the next ten minutes savoring the delicious blueberry flavor mixed with the sedate French vanilla ice cream and  sassy whipped cream. After the bowl is completely devoid of even the smallest crumb...I feel a dreamy smile play upon my lips,

Bougie Girl Travel: By The Time I Get To Portland, ME Part II

I stir  up quite an  appetite strolling through the various neighborhoods and districts of Portland, ME. Since I am in Maine, I decide to try their infamous "lobstah" at DiMillo's On The Water. I am not disappointed. The texture of the lobstah roll pictured is creamy and smooth without being overbearing. I savor  the succulence of the lobstah meat. I squeeze  lemon juice over the lobstah and it kicks  the flavor up considerably. The fries are a great bonus to the meal. They are lightly seasoned with a bit of salt and their texture is the perfect blend of crispy softness. Dessert is a blueberry streusel which I will discuss in the final installment of this series.

Honesty Monologues: I Am Your Ex For A Reason

I Am Your Ex For A Reason... by Bougie Girl Apparel

I am your Ex for a reason. Still, this doesn't seem to stop you from seeking me out on a daily basis. At first, I didn't mind it because I felt a little guilty about the way I treated you in the past. Initially, I was flattered that you were still into me...and it was convenient to keep you close. I could get my physical and emotional needs met without the annoying entanglements of staying married to you. Our arrangement was working out so well. 
I  come in for a visit. We take the kids out for lunch. Drop them off at your sister's house for a few hours and "catch up" on old times. It works like a charm for a good five years or so but, after while it begins to feel empty. Eventually, I tire of cheating on my girlfriends with my ex-wife. Of course, it doesn't help that you start hinting around that we should "try again". Try again? I left you for a reason. I am just back for ancillary benefits that …

Bougie Girl Travel: By The Time I Get To Portland, ME -Part I

The train pulls out of the station around approximately 6:15 am.

The first leg of the train trip takes me into the Back Bay Train Station in Boston. On the ride from Rhode Island to Massachusetts,  I chat with a charming middle-aged lady. She is a California native and also a bit of a gypsy traveler like me. She tells me a bit about her first disastrous marriage and her more successful second one.

"I was way too immature to be married the first time. I took time off from the dating scene and met someone more suitable for me. But, it took until I was 38 years old to find him. We had our son a few years later. Now, he's about to graduate from college."

I find myself telling her about my plans to either go to a sperm bank or adopt.

She looks me up and down.

"Wait, you are telling me that you do not having husband prospects. You are an intelligent, exuberant woman, and attractive to boot."

I smile and thank her for the kind words.

"If I were willing to sett…

Honesty Monologues: Nothing Special

NOTHING SPECIAL by Bougie Girl Apparel

He thinks the world of me and why not? I am amazing after all. Alright, perhaps amazing is too strong of a word. But, I am definitely wonderful in my own right. What does he know anyway? I am like his first serious girlfriend and he's almost 30. I totally am gonna get a wedding ring out of this situation No matter what happens, I get to set the tone of his relationships forever. I love having this type of power of someone!
Just wait until we have kids, then I will be in total control for at least 20 years. His family totally hates me and for good reason. They see right through my glossed over semi-raggedy facade. And if he were honest with himself, he knows exactly who I am and what I am about. 
However, it's like he needs to have me on this elevated pedestal which truth be told even on my best day I could never even find the staircase to.
Yet, for some reason he is chooses to cling to the dream that I am someone worth sharing a life wit…

Honesty Monologues: Brightly Colored Weeds

It's easy to be fooled by brightly colored weeds.

They look so much like flowers that we can forget  how toxic they are until it is too late.

Time and again, these brightly colored weeds ruin the gardens of both our friendships and relationships.

These noxious plants have been known to take the shape of manipulative significant others, destructive friends, and scheming co-workers. They poison our  gardens by strangling our hopes, killing our dreams, and sabotaging our futures.

Yet, sometimes we adamantly cling to them as though they are a life preserver. Their vibrant colors draw us nearer to them. Once in our vicinity, they latch onto our insecurities and ride them like an ocean wave.

At first, their energy is exhilarating  but, over time it drain us of our  identity and self-sufficiency.

Soon, we are mentally enslaved by our need to please the brightly colored weeds. We gnash our teeth in frustration at their lack of regard for us. Yet, we strive to make them happy even if it …

Freewriting Series: Vibrancy!

Making the decision to move from Newport, RI back to the Midwest was not an easy one. I struggled for months over whether or not to do it. The fact is that I have to take care of some family related things and I can no longer continue to do so from far away.

There is a part of me which fears that returning to the Midwest will erase all of the personal strides I have made in the near decade since I left.

I will miss seeing the ocean every day on my commute. I will long for the distinctive speech patterns which make New Englanders a tad difficult to understand sometimes.

My palette will miss the  awesome Italian cuisine and the delicious seafood which New Englanders take for granted.

Of course, I will miss the wonderful Navy and civilian people whom took me in during some of my darkest hours and were there for me during the good times as well.

Living in  Newport has  brought a new vibrancy to my life. A vibrancy which I hope will stay with me as a I once again acclimate to life in the…