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Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: Flavor Triad- Ground Ginger, Lemon juice, and Honey

Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: Flavor Triad... by Bougie Girl Apparel
 I am a firm believer in jazzing up standard dishes using a creative, yet complimentary mix of flavors. My latest triad of flavors consists of  freshly squeezed lemon juice, ginger, and honey. Over the next week or so, I am creating recipes using the afore-mentioned ingredients.

The goal of this immersion is to take my recipe creating skills to the next level. So far, I have added these ingredients to chicken, beef, tater tots, and pork. The results have been amazing! The ground ginger gives the recipe a kick, the lemon juice adds an extra layer of zing, and then the honey seems to bind it all together.

These ingredients are strong enough to stand on their own, so I only have to add a small amount of them to each of the respective recipes.  In addition, this particular flavor triad is inexpensive and relatively easy to find in most grocery stores.

Welcome to Los Angeles (Circa Fall 2003)

Welcome to Los Angeles (Circa Fall 2003) by Bougie Girl Apparel
The first thing to go when you move to Los your money. The rents are exorbitant out here. 

Midwesterners such as myself, experience sticker shock and then numbness as we fork over a king's ransom to live in a tiny efficiency.
Apartments were never this pricey in my previous hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota. For a moment, I’m drawn back into reminiscing about hot apple cider and down parkas. The memory draws me back into a saner time and place. Then, I start to recall that the harsh winters and the boring predictability that each day brought. 
I need to find a job and an apartment ASAP. I spend 15 hours a day pounding the real and virtual pavement. There a million things on my to-do list.
Did I contact my former college classmates whom are already established in the film industry? Why am I procrastinating? It’s as though I’m frozen in place. Am I really too afraid to strive for the life that I dreamt about whi…

Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: Lunch Time Comfort Soup

Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: Lunch Time by Bougie Girl Apparel
I recall the first semester of my senior year in college as being a very impoverished time for me.
I lived alone in an off-campus efficiency and working five days a week at a nearby restaurant.
Gone are the days of relying on the somewhat dubious food in the dorm cafeteria and dining out in restaurants is also not an option.
I can either pack a lunch and eat on campus or dine at home. I preferred to eat in the modest comfort of my tiny kitchenette.
One of the supermarkets is selling chicken noodle soup for 50 cents a can. I place ten cans in my cart and head off in search of white rice. At the register, my pauper’s ingredients only cost around eight dollars. This will feed me lunch for at least ten days.
The following day, I am in my kitchen heating up both the chicken noodle soup and the rice. I cook the chicken noodle soup on a low flame and sprinkle pepper over it. Then, I turn my attention to the small pan of  rice. I have t…

Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: There’s More to Pasta Than Just Spaghetti

Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: There’s More to Pasta by Bougie Girl Apparel
I am sitting at a rickety table in the kitchen surrounded by my rambunctious housemates. We are swapping tales of our past teenage stupidity. I am eating my usual meal of spaghetti and red sauce. One of my housemates is a short-order cook and he stops mid-story and mentions that there are other pastas besides spaghetti.
I am mortified that he is calling me out about my daily pasta meal.
A few days later, while grocery shopping I head down the pasta aisle. Instinctively, I reach for the spaghetti and then recall my housemate’s admonishment from the previous evening.
I opt to look around at my other pasta choices.  Pasta shells are 70 cents less than my regular spaghetti fare and you get a lot more. Buying the pasta shells means that I can buy a 2 liter bottle of brand name soda instead of the generic kind.
Next, I head down the frozen food aisle and grab a small bag of house brand mixed vegetables.
I find a small bag o…

Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: Trussed Up Breaded Chicken Poppers

Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: Trussed Up... by Bougie Girl Apparel

Today, I was craving breaded chicken poppers.

Generally, I dip them into BBQ sauce, however this time I went a different route. I decided instead to sprinkle the breaded chicken poppers with ground ginger, lemon juice, and honey.

I placed the chicken poppers on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil and baked them per the directions on the bag.

The result was delicious!

The chicken poppers contained the right amount of sweet and tart flavoring without overwhelming the chicken.

These trussed up chicken poppers will make a great addition to a salad or as party appetizers.

From a Man's Point-of-View ACT I, SCENE I

From a Man's Point-of-View ACT I, SCENE I by Bougie Girl Apparel


We are on the set of a television talk show.                    
WILLA is interviewing MANNY about relationships from a man’s point-of-view.                      
(WILLA and MANNY, are seated in two armchairs facing one another.)
WILLA Thanks again for agreeing to be interviewed.
MANNY It’s the least I could do. This is an important topic that we men have been silent about for too long. (She nods in agreement.) Besides, you’re kind of a hottie in a smart broad way.
WILLA Okay, let’s just  get started. MANNY Sure. Ask me anything. WILLA Describe for me the ideal killing-time girlfriend.
MANNY Well, every guy has different preferences when it comes to this. But, for me personally, I need to know that she isn’t going anywhere.
WILLA So, your ideal killing time girlfriend is a homebody?
MANNY Yes and no. I mean the main thing is that I don’t have to talk to her on a regular basis. I like knowing that I can …

Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: Quick Marinade

Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: Quick Marinade by Bougie Girl Apparel
I enjoy preparing a marinade as much as the next gal.

However, sometimes things come up and well, I do not always have time to prepare a marinade the night before.

Good thing, I have mastered the art of the quick marinade!

Simplicity is the key factor in crafting an effective quick marinade. Generally, I use balsamic vinegar, lime juice (or any type of citrus juice), black pepper, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my quick marinade.  After washing the meat (these ingredients also work well with poultry), I place it in a bowl filled with the quick marinade.

Ten minutes later, I place the meat into the pan. I slow cook it on a low heat for an hour.

The  ingredients in the quick marinade fill the meat with flavor without overpowering it.


Intelligentsia by Bougie Girl Apparel
He walks into the room with an air of practiced pretension. After air kissing with the hostess, he slowly strolls towards the buffet table. He is not being coy. He is waiting for his entourage to acknowledge his arrival. 
He is clad in the standard intelligentsia garb of black turtleneck with matching cargo pants and combat boots. He has a satchel slung over his shoulder. 
The top of a water bottle peeks out from one of the compartments. His dark hair is swept back in a lacquered back ponytail. I elbow  one of my friends and discreetly motion towards Ponytail Man. We exchange  bemused glances between ourselves.
“Nice bag,” my friend quips. 
“It’s a satchel,” I corrected, trying to prevent my lips from twitching with full-blown laughter. 
As if sensing we were discussing him, Ponytail Man whirls around in our direction. We attempt to look absorbed in conversation, but it did notwork. He heads in our direction.
Thankfully, one of his minions came out from …

Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: Leftover Bun Bruschetta

Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: Leftover Bun... by Bougie Girl Apparel
Generally, bratwurst comes six to a package and there are eight hot dog buns in a bag.
This leaves me with two extra hot dog buns.

What to do?

A. Throw them away.
B. Buy more bratwurst.
C. Create a low-cost and yummy version of bruschetta.

I think I will go with Option C.

Here’s what you’ll need.

2 hot dog buns
4 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil.
4 tbsps of diced tomatoes
2 garlic chopped garlic gloves
2 slices of Swiss Cheese

Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees for five minutes.
Tear the hot dog buns in half along the perforated edge.

Cut the slices of Swiss Cheese in half.

Brush the olive oil on the top of each half.

Place the garlic and the Swiss cheese on each half..

Cook for 5 to 7 minutes.

Let cool and place the tomatoes on top of each of the halves of the hot dog buns.

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