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Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: Sunday Dinners

Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: Sunday Dinners by Bougie Girl Apparel
I have fond childhood memories of Sunday dinners.

Dinner was almost always served at 5:15 pm and it consisted of pot roast, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and a slice of pie with a small scoop of ice cream. We would all sit around the table discussing the events of the weekend and our finalizing plans for the upcoming week.

These days, I live far from my immediate family. However, I have remained resolute in my efforts to continue the tradition of Sunday dinner.

Here are a few suggestions for creating a great Sunday dinner:

1. Keep it simple, especially if you are cooking for just one or two people.
For example, a simple menu of pasta, salad, and a scoop of sorbet are tasty options for Sunday dinner.

2. Host a once a month, Sunday potluck meal.
Food brings us together and during this tough economy spending quality time with friends and family is very important.

3. Make enough food for lunch the next day.

Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: A Little Exotic and a Little Mundane

Bougie Girl In The Kitchen: A Little Exotic... Dinner Plate by Bougie Girl Apparel
I am craving something out of the ordinary and yet, I long to be cosseted by the familiar. Capers are known to perk up just about any recipe and corn brings a much-needed aspect of comfort. I am mulling over the distinct possibility of adding red onions and prosciutto to the mix. This recipe will embrace both the exotic and the mundane.

A Dinah Washington tune is playing in the background. The lyrics are urging any and all potential suitors to provide tutelage in the art of love. Since my current suitor is out running errands, I am forced to turn my thoughts back to the recipe at hand.

I start by carefully adding 2 cups of corn to a pan of already boiling water.

Fifteen minutes later, I turn off the stove-top burner and strain the corn through a colander into a large bowl. The mundane portion of this recipe is complete and now I must turn my attention to the exotic.

I pour 4 tablespoons of extra virg…