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i am a bougie girl: Spontaneous Date Night Ensemble

Earlier this evening, Chef T invited me out for a quick dinner before his night class. Upon receiving his text, I was rockin' some yoga pants and a stretched out t-shirt. Luckily, I took a shower this morning, so all I had to do was brush out my hair, throw on a cute outfit, and add a little lipstick.
The cold weather made me decide against doing the dress and tall boots route. Jeans and a  crew neck sweater felt a little too casual for a Friday night outing. I compromised and wore a black poncho with light gray slacks, black high heeled loafers, and a belted black coat. 
The look was stylish yet comfortable  and it kept me warm from the blustery February winds.

I am a bougie girl:Mane-BEFORE & AFTER

Warmer temperatures in February brought me outside for a quick lunchtime stroll. The surprisingly balmy breezes whipped my natural mane into a bit of frenzy.

i am a bougie girl: Daylight Date Night

Chef T and I are celebrating Valentine's Day a little bit early. We kicked off our Valentine's Day celebration with a hearty breakfast cooked up by Chef T. Later in the day, we are going to catch a matinee of "Hidden Figures" and then end our romantic day with a quiet dinner.

It took us all of 20 minutes to hammer out all of the logistics of today's activities. I prefer a daylight date to celebrate Valentine's Day because venues are less crowded and it is more economical.

i am a bougie girl: Color Swatches

Lately, I have noticed an uptick in my creative inspiration. I credit this recent surge of creativity to my snapping  and posting photos of a variety of color swatches.
I  have started a Pinterest board dedicated to Color Swatches
I try to update this board at least a couple of times a week

i am a bougie girl: SuperBowl Snack Plate

Earlier this week, Chef T and his dog came over to watch the SuperBowl. I decided to incorporate some healthier food onto the snack menu.

I served sauteed Baby Bella mushrooms, garlic flavored naan bread, cubed Mozzarella, beef sliders and Yukon gold potatoes. Chef T enjoyed his meal and we spent the remainder of the game cheering on the Atlanta Falcons. (Alas, our cheers were not enough to bring them a victory.)

i am a bougie girl: Cooking Lessons With Chef T

Chef T has agreed to teach me the ins and outs of Midwestern cooking. (Stay tuned for a more detailed blogpost on this topic.)

My cooking style can be best described as a fusion of the exotic with a bit of the mundane. I have been known to add capers to frozen pizzas and tater tots.

He has a more straightforward approach to culinary pursuits. He uses a few simple ingredients and goes from there.

i am a bougie girl: handmade

This handmade scarf became part of my trosseau back in 2007. I have one in brown and magenta. These scarves were made for me by a friend of a friend.