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i am a bougie girl: On All Fronts

Taking my life to the next level has involved a lot of time, money, and a radical shift of my mindset.
Last year, I reached a point where I stopped settling for situations that were not contributing to my personal growth in the long run.  Now, I am living a high octane life on all fronts and much happier for it. 

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i am a bougie girl: Barely Visible

A few weeks ago, I went to a local park and snapped photos. It was early on a Saturday morning and the sun was shining very brightly. Yet, the way in which the photo came out you would swear that it was taken at sunset.
This photo is a metaphor for the grittier parts of my comeback. Things have been going smoothly...except for all of the growth opportunities which have been coming my way lately. 
Last night, I was filled with an unexpected rush of fear and panic. I wanted so badly to pack up everything and start a brand new life. Alas, in 2017 that is not as easy as it once was. 
After some much needed rest and contemplation, I chalked up last night's anxiety as something akin to growing pains.

i am a bougie girl: Feel These Highlights

These highlights have given me a new lease on life. My inner diva came back out to play and she has no plans for returning back to the cave of despair. 

i am a bougie girl: Adventures In Being Makeup Free

Sometimes, I like not wearing makeup. Especially, on busy Saturday mornings filled with a million household chores and paperwork. This evening I am attending a wedding with a reception to follow. I will have to throw on long frock and get all glammed up for the festivities. But, for the next couple of hours I can luxuriate in my make up free existence.

i am a bougie girl: Take Thyself To The Public Library

So many library books to read and not enough long stretches of time to read them all.  The struggle is real and I would not have it any other way.

i am bougie girl: Major Life Rebuild

I am still in the midst of a major life rebuild. During this time, one of the biggest challenges that I am facing is patience with the process. It took my life a good 3 years to completely unravel. I have only been in serious rebuilding mode for less than six months. By my estimate, I have at least another year before things stabilize.

i am a bougie girl: Turning My Back On The Past

I am living in a new reality. One that involves lots of writing, cell phone photography, and exploration. As a result, I have turned my back on past worries and events that are out of my control. It has not been easy. The core of who I am has relied on being able to keep things somewhat orderly. However, now I am  merging the creative aspects of life with the organizational ones. It has not always gone smoothly but, it needed to happen for me to hit some important creative milestones.