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i am a bougie girl: 44...and about to do it some more

So far, 44 is amazing.
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i am a bougie girl: A Day In The Park

A day in the park with the foster kiddo means lots of walking, laughing, and random silliness.

i am a bougie girl: Business Life

Earlier this week, I had an important epiphany about my career path. Life design has always been a huge part of my career path. After a few years, of wandering lost, I finally have a new vision for my career.

i am a bougie girl: Setback A Comin'

I just experienced a minor setback in  my Supply Chain studies. In the scheme things, this setback is more of a blip but, annoying nonetheless. I saw this setback coming earlier in the week but, I attempted to power through to less than stellar results.

Divatosity:Lights In Church

Earlier this week, we sat in church and listened to the pastor's message of hope. Yet, I found myself entranced by the shape of the light fixtures. These fixtures have a distinct style and I envisioned a truncated version of them hanging in my foyer.

i am a bougie girl: Rusted and Gone

This is a snapshot of what my windshield wipers looked like earlier today...before I changed them out. Admittedly, I have not changed out my windshield wipers on my own for about 20 years. So, this was a somewhat important milestone for me. 
It has opened me up to performing other minor repairs on the car. 

i am a bougie girl: Elaborate Couch Fort

Earlier this week, the little foster kiddo constructed a very elaborate couch fort. Underneath the throw blanket are four pillows of various sizes. At the very bottom of this fort are two stuffed animals. 
She informed me that this couch fort is supposed to provide temporary shelter for a couple of her stuffed animals.