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Bougie Girl University Presents: The 9 Bougie Girl Tenents

1.  Know Thyself2. Work Hard, Work Smart3. Be A Citizen Of The World4. Stay Current5. Use Critical Thinking6. Be Kind To Others7. Elevate And Evolve8. Mentor Others9. Be An Inspirer

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i am a bougie girl: Moving Into The Third Phase Of The Backyard Patio

I have had this patio furniture for over 2 years. It was sitting in my basement because I was afraid that it would be ruined by the rain. Looking back, my reluctance to bring these items outside seems silly. 
 They add depth to my backyard patio and provide much needed seating. 

I am a bougie girl: Spray Painting

I have plans for this chair and they involve spray painting it gun metal grey.

i am a bougie girl: Moving Into The Second Phase...Flower Pots

Yesterday, I eagerly strolled through the Nursery section of Home Depot scouring the aisles for plants that benefit from basking out in the sun. Fortunately, I managed to find a few such plants along with a couple of colorful flower pots. 
Originally, I had planned to just arrange the flower pots and declare my backyard patio to be complete. However, the wannabe designer living inside of me is itching to add more depth to the space. Bring on the outdoor lights, refurbished patio furniture, and Shepherd's hook. 

i am a bougie girl: Backyard Patio First Phase Reveal...

Thanks to the diligent work of Chef T, my backyard patio is a huge step closer to being complete.
Step 1: My backyard patio was in need of a long term makeover.

Step 2: Weeds are dug up and it's almost time to lay down the cedar mulch.

Step 3: Cedar Mulch is laid down and the next step is adding in my mid-summer planting.

To Be Continued....

I am a bougie girl: The Scary Road To Creativity

Creativity can be scary...because once you walk upon its road there is no going back to the way things were before. Each time you veer of Creativity road to follow more mundane pursuits, you find yourself longing  to be back on it.  Sometimes, getting back on it can be both difficult and scary. Your family, day gig, or other responsibilities can put your creativity on a tight time budget. 
If you step back onto Creativity Road after a long hiatus, you may worry that opportunities have already passed you by. Also, it may seem that the other path walkers are WAY ahead of you on Creativity Road. 
The good news is that it is never too late. You may have to adjust your grand creative visions to something more easily scalable.
As far the other path walkers...wish them well and move forward towards your own destiny.

i am a bougie girl: Antique Locks

This is the door to an antique desk that my paternal grandmother passed onto me. 
 Currently, it resides in my basement as a catchall for important documents and resting place for old family photographs. 
I have no idea what the key to this desk looks like but, I imagine that it is very officious looking and a bit on the imposing side.