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Earring Storage...On The Cheap

I have a soft spot for jewelry boxes and all things ornate. However, real life sometimes requires that I am able to grab a pair of earrings and dash out the door.  Alas, I went to grab the white pair of earrings (pictured near the top) and could only find one of them. The mate had gone missing. I panicked because this is one of my go-to pair of earrings. 
After a 10 minute frantic search, I found the missing earring. I had mistakenly placed it in another part of my jewelry box. Whew! 
This incident got me thinking about the need for an easier storage option for the earrings that I wear the most. 
My storage option had to be simple and of course fall in line with my budget. Luckily, I already had this wire waste basket on hand. Now, to be clear I have used this as a waste basket. I purchased it from the Dollar Tree sometime last year as a part of my bedroom dresser decor. 
The diamond shaped holes make it easy to store most dangly earrings. Also, there is a cool design element to thi…

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