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I am a bougie girl: restorative

Consistency matters. Especially, when it comes to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. I have been on this health restoration journey for about 3 years now.  During this time, I have found that supportive peoplease and daily habits are fueling me to another level.

i am a bougie girl: Home Dates 101

Lately, we have been delving into the world of cooking at home for date nights. It is a refreshing change from crowded nights out on the town.

Earlier in the week, I was treated to a steaming crackpot of gumbo and rice. It was a perfect start to a busy week.

This evening's menu includes sushi, miso soup, and edamame. It is my first foray into making sushi at home. Wish me luck.

Divatosity: Warm Tones

This photo was taken a few weeks ago. I can hardly believe what a difference a new hair color, weight loss, and a new lease on life can make.

Divatosity: This Shade Of Blue....

This shade of blue adds a mellow vibe to my workplace ensembles and a touch of class to my date night outfits.

Divatosity: Bold Statement Necklace

This necklace requires some sass and a little fashion imagination

I am a bougie girl: Ready For Some Gardening...

Is it Springtime, yet?

I am ready to tackle my back patio garden.