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Saturday Night Getting Out Of Debt House Party

It's Saturday night and I am hanging out at home. This is the price that I am more than willing to pay in order to get out of debt. Like many people, I have student debt that has been hanging around for years.

I had a habit of paying off small student loans and taking cross-country trips as a way of "celebrating" my victories. Ironically, these "celebrations" cost most more than the debt that I had paid off.

About 6 months ago, I started focusing more attention on paying off my student debt. After crunching some numbers, I realized that my student debt could be paid off in 2.5 years. The catch? I would have to drastically cut my lifestyle and my travel down to nothing. Which in my early 40's, I am definitely ready to do.

Judging Someone By Their Marital and Family Status

Are judging someone by their marital and/or family status?
If so, why do you feel the need to do so? 

Size Six Jeans

I can wear my size 6 jeans again. This is a mini-triumph for me. I still have about 9 more pounds to go and I am not rushing to lose the rest of the weight. Instead, I find myself just focusing on my daily choices. Once again, I am conscious of my sugar intake and how there are days in which I will have to choose between eating a candy bar or drinking a can of soda.

I do not feel deprived by watching my intake of sugar. Instead, I feel empowered because I am consciously making the choice. This is vastly different than how I behaved last year. I can now see that the majority of 2014 was spent under a cloud of resentment and sadness.

I made healthier choices and let go of the resentment and sadness which I was carrying for the past few years. I stopped fighting the grief of multiple miscarriages and the deaths of  close friends and family members.  I embraced my own life path which can best be described as "unique". This simple act opened a huge space in my soul.

The weight s…

Empathic Seeker: Mercury In Retrograde

My face is partially covered by light and shadow. That is what this Mercury in Retrograde feels like. I have discovered deeper truths about myself and some of them are unexpected to say the least. I have also realized some things about the people in my life. But, I dare not make moves just yet because the light of truth can be quickly darkened by encroaching shadows.

Change to Spare

I am deepening my commitment to get out of debt via this spare change jar.


A dip in the pool is just what I need on a humid and sticky day such as this one.

Summer is headed our way next month and I am sure that there will be plenty of days in which I will avoid going outside between the hours of 10 am and 9 pm. Unless, it is to sit on my shady balcony grasping a cool glass of lemonade in one hand as I daintily snack from a small veggie plate on the table in front of me.

This is the type of life that I have always wanted and yet feared would somehow never happen for me. Now, it is finally here.

Old Blue Bench

Last night, I walked through the parking lot and into a local noodle shop.  On my way to the door, I spotted this azure treasure.  Almost instantly, my mind transports me to the deck of a New England beach cottage.  I imagine  the roar of the waves and the salty sea air swirling my hair around my face.   All at once, I become homesick for my former home of Newport, RI. I  miss the fisherman, the tourists, and the sunsets. 
This bench is bringing back so many good memories of a time that has long since passed.

Take My Idea, Please: Paying Adjunct Professors A Living Wage

Here's a simple brainstorm about how academic institutions can pay adjunct professors.

(Please note that brainstorm is by no means comprehensive and is designed to be more of an entry point to a larger brainstorm.)

1.  Academic institutions could contract with adjuncts to teach up to 3 years. The contract is eligible for renewal on a yearly basis.

2.  Adjuncts could teach 4 Classes a semester and back fill administrative functions within their respective departments.

3. Offer  adjuncts housing, weekly meal stipend, and health insurance through the campus health facilities. On campus meal stipend is $40 a week that the adjunct has the option to choose as a perk.

4.  Pay adjuncts a net of $2,950 a month  from August to December and January to May.

5.  Adjuncts have the option to stay in housing over the summer but must work on campus at least 15 hours a week to do so.

6. Adjuncts could teach and assist as administrators for an academic institution's night, weekend, and online …

Adding Some Glamour With A Hat

I love rockin' natural hair but, there are times when humidity wins out and I have to don a hat.

This particular one was purchased years ago at a discount store. The  key to making this look work is to brush your hair back, accessorize with hoop or drop earrings, and add a bit of lip color.

Flashback Friday...Posed To Perfection

I am 34 years old in this photo and I am on top of the world...or so I think.

Six months after this photo was taken the great Recession begins and I have fled Southern California for the familiar mountain scenery of Northern New Mexico. My life changes drastically. Living in California and working in the entertainment industry shields from every day life.

Heck, even a stolid Midwesterner as myself can forget what the real world is actually like. You become spiritually flabby in places. You are at peace with the world but, have no idea how to navigate real adversity.

As long as things look good, then everything must be okay, right?