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Throwing Back A Little Early...

This throwback photo is from Christmas season 2007. I was living in California and plotting my way the heck on out of there. The real estate market was starting to take the infamous tumble and my love affair with working in the film industry was dying out.

I remember feeling guilty and ungrateful for wanting to leave the glamorous world of entertainment to work in a more mundane industry. The perks of working in the film industry for me included free DVDs, marketing products, film screenings, and the cache of being able to tell people what I did for a living.

This Christmas season, I am working for another global corporation and happier than ever. Back in 2007, I never would have guessed that living back in the Midwest would bring me such joy.

Or that I would be getting super pumped about getting out of debt and cash flowing a home renovation project.

Do Your Part And Then Let It Go

There is only so much that one person can do in a day, in a week, and/or during the holiday season.
Do your part and then let it go....

This is a difficult concept to grasp on a long-term basis. We all seem focused on making our holidays appear awesome on social media. The emotional meltdowns, recipe fails, and/or other unforeseen events are carefully hidden from view.

We are tempted to go rogue during the holidays and handle every detail ourselves. By the time, the holidays are over...we are filled with resentment and fatigue.

Festering Resentment During The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us. Are you still  frantically buying gifts and  taking care of those last minute details?  In your heart, you know that for the majority of the people in your life, the thought means nothing. It is all about the gift.

You do not want to let anyone on your shopping list down because you will never hear the end of it. So, you go into debt or scrimp on your own household's needs in order to feed someone else's ego.

Years go by and the resentment festers within you. Until one Christmas season, you make the decision to no longer sacrifice your finances and well-being in exchange for someone else's approval.

More Of The Same

I never get tired of posting photos from the farm. I love how the sun's rays appear to be lightly touching the ground.

Prairie View

Next year, this landscape will look a lot different. Less trees and more landscaping is on the agenda. I used to roam this field as a child. Back then, the trees were a whole lot smaller. The fields were cared for on a more regular basis.

The task of bringing an estate to its former glory, can be a daunting one. You find yourself torn between trying to recreate old mojo vs. bringing a fresh perspective.

When Clean Breaks Go Wrong...

I like clean breaks. They give everyone the opportunity to move on well, cleanly. Sometimes, things do not work out. It is sad and difficult to process but, the world keeps on turning.  But, there are times when clean breaks go bad. So far, I have been stumped on how to handle these types of situations. I am always inclined to write a proverbial check and then go along my way.

I am learning that this is not the case for some folks. They seem to prefer a messier road filled with unnecessary strife and drama. Hey, it is their right to rock their life. However, no one has the right to harass, extort, and/or intimidate others just because that is how they process their feelings.

Enough With The Privilege Shaming...

Does privilege shaming bring peace and harmony to the world?

No, then why do we keep perpetuating it in our society?