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Lamps turn on early around these parts. It was barely 6 pm when I strolled past this one.

i am a bougie girl: natural hair transition

This photo was taken during the midst of my transitioning  from relaxed to natural hair. This particular hairstyle involved using a curling iron and lots of setting spray.

 My hair texture was just not that into being manipulated into twists. Also, at the  time it was not quite long enough to be pulled back into a ponytail without hours of flat-ironing. So, I did what I could to manage my hair. Looking back, I kind of like it this length.

Now, it's grown out past my shoulders in its semi-natural state (thanks #Kenra).

Divatosity: The Contrasts Of Autumn

Autumn in the Rolling Plains means dead and/or dying leaves.
It also represents hearty flowers which will keep their blooms until a short time after Halloween. Come November both the leaves and the flowers will be gone.

Divatosity: More Bursts Of Color

Nothing like a burst of orange to liven up an evening stroll.

Divatosity: Splashes Of Color

Last month, I spent some time in St. Paul, MN. I was in town for a wedding. During one of my strolls, I snapped a photo of these beautiful flowers.

You Are Much More Than Your High School Reputation....

You run into old high school classmates in the grocery store or at your child's soccer games. Some of them are kind but, others are unable to leave the pettiness of high school behind them. Instead, they refer to you by an inappropriate moniker which was assigned to you during high school.

All you have to remember is that you are much more than your high school reputation.

BGC Podcast: How Not To Be A Tacky Spouse

I have never been married. However, I have come across more than a few tacky spouses during my time here on earth. I believe that most tacky spouses are good-hearted people whom are a little clueless about the etiquette with regard to navigating the world as a spouse.
Now, I realize that this podcast could also help those whom are in long-term partnerships and co-parenting situations.
Below are some suggestions for not  being a tacky spouse:

1. Your world with your spouse/SO is your own eco-system.
2. Your spouse might be exaggerating his/her complaints about their family.
3. Watch your mouth and your actions.
4. Family isn't just about your family.
5.Don't get caught up with keepin' up with the Jones'.
6.Don't take your marital problems out on other people.

Listen to the podcast here:  How Not To Be A Tacky Spouse

This is not always easy to do but, it is necessary nonetheless.