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Part Of Your Wolfpack

Part Of Your Wolfpack by Bougie Girl Apparel

Some days I long to be part of your inner circle. From the outside your wolfpack seems cozy and inviting. Of course, the price to join is very high. All  members must be willing to look the other way with regard to your multitude of transgressions. They also are advised to create and maintain a facade of congeniality at all times.

Soul Conversations Series: Healing Mantra For Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships are something that we all will have to deal with at some point in our lives. They can be painful but, at the same time change our lives for the better. Sometimes, a karmic relationship progresses into a full blown love affair, marriage, and even children. However, that doesn't mean that the relationship is destined to last forever.

In the previous dialogue between Soul #1 and Soul #2, the couple had a karmic tie to one another.
It is possible that they would have gotten married and produced children together. However, I felt as their Soul Mediator that this turn of events would have been destructive in the long run for both of them.

After the session, I gave Soul #2 the following mantra to repeat whenever she felt the pull to let Soul #1 back in her life.

"Soul #1 did you favor. He is not worthy of your love. He doesn't know how to be with you. In the long run, you are better off without him in your life."

How well this mantra works is up to Soul…

Soul Conversations Series: Switch Flipping

Soul #1 is a switch flipper. In other words, his love, attention, respect, flips on like a switch. He flits all over the place constantly in search of something new and exciting. He is unable to develop his own inner light. He hops from relationship to relationship as a way to sustain his life force. The kicker is that he cannot communicate in a healthy manner. He chooses to play games instead. Now, eventually this game playing makes him feel empty and when this occurs he sets up house with Soul #2.

Now, that Soul #2 has made the pledge to never take him back. He is feeling out of sorts and looking for a stable place to land after his current relationship goes off the rails. He doesn't see anything wrong with how he is treating her. Soul #1 does want a life long relationship with Soul #2 but, lacks the maturity to do so.

Soul Conversations Series: Marshall The Courage To Move On...

Soul Mediator:
Over the years, Soul #2 has struggled to move on from Soul #1.  But, as I see it wasn't Soul #1 per se, but the hopes and dreams which she associated with him. Once, she realized that she could have the family that she wanted without him. She began to see the relationship for what it was. A karmic lesson for her not meant to be a lifetime relationship. She had learned all she could from Soul #2. Their energy was no longer bonded in the same way. It is up to Soul #2 to marshall the courage to move on.

Soul Conversations Series: Dialogue with Soul #1

Soul Mediator:
I am here with Soul #1. Several months have past since the joint session with Soul #2. Last week, Soul #1 reached out to me and asked for a one on one session. Below is the dialogue between us.

Soul Mediator:
It been awhile. How are things?

Soul #1:
Things are better in some ways but, in others they are worse.

Soul Mediator:
Care to elaborate?

Soul #1:
Sure. So, the woman whom I left Soul #2 for is pressing me for marriage. I want to get married but, not to her. I want Soul #2 back and I think that I am ready to be with her this time.

Soul Mediator:
That's a closed door. Soul #2 has moved on with her life.

Soul #1:
I know and the woman I am with is a great lady but,  she is not the one for me.

Soul Mediator:
Do you think that Soul #2 is really the woman for you or is she just a pleasant placeholder?

Soul #1:
No, she was never a placeholder to me. I just didn't know how to be with her. She put her whole heart and soul into staying with me. I kept screwing it up …

Soul Conversations Series: Reconciliation Gone Awry

This case was troubling to me. Basically, there were 2 souls whom had spent lifetimes loving each other and yet could not seem to stay together long-term. Soul #1 was entirely too toxic for Soul #2. This saddened Soul #2 because they dearly loved Soul #1. Yet, the innate survival instinct of Soul #2 was greater than their desire to be in a relationship with Soul #1.

However, Soul #1 often returned to Soul #2 with empty promises and hidden agendas. Soul #1 knew how to manipulate the feelings of Soul #2 and that's just what he did. Soul #2 came to me desperate to understand why she was still susceptible to Soul #1's lies and deceptions. As expected, Soul #1 was not interested in attending these sessions. He didn't see how his hot and cold behavior was adversely affecting Soul #2. Most recently, Soul #1's desire to reconcile the relationship between Soul #2 and then his hasty exit a few months later.

Soul Mediator:
We are here in this session to discuss the most recent inc…

Soul Conversations Series

Souls often need to communicate with one another. Sometimes, they reach out via dreams or signs in the Universe. However, there are instances when the only way in which they can effectively communicate is through a neutral 3rd Party. Enter the Soul Mediator. The Soul Mediator helps both souls work through their differences so that they can overcome their conflict.

Empty Promises And Grand Gestures Which Go Nowhere...

Empty Promises And Grand Gestures Which Go Nowhere by BougieGirl1

He has been promising you the world and yet never quite delivers. In his heart, he wants to be the man you need him to be. You both know it. Perhaps, that is the reason why you have held  so much space for him over the years. But, now you have made the conscious decision to fill that space with someone whose love is less about grand gestures and more about authentic actions.

Bougie Girl Apparel: Proud Mayor of Cray-Crayville

Proud Mayor Of Cray-Crayville by Bougie Girl Apparel

Sometimes, I can act a little nutso. I take things out of context, stir up drama, alienate loved ones, and leave a big mess in my wake. It's all in a days work for me. Just know, that you better not ever call me out, cross me, or otherwise get in my way. Remember, I didn't become the Mayor of Cray-Crayville by accident.