Sensual and Sleeveless (Tie Neck Blouse) by Worthington

I acquired this beauty from JcPenney's in 2017. It is part of their Worthington collection. (I  am not a paid spokesperson for JcPenney's)

I love tie neck blouses. Especially, the ones which have come out during the past few years. I recall rocking this trend during the early 2000's but, the ties back then were more narrow. As a result they appeared wilted after a 10 hour day at the office.

Today, it is a different story, the ties have a thicker width and the blouse material is not so crepey. 

I have worn this particular blouse in the following ways:

1. Alone with shirttail sticking out over lightweight tan pants with a black wedge heel.
2. Underneath a tailored  black blazer paired with dark blue jeans and  blackballet flats.
3. With a  black shawl delicately placed over the shoulders and the tie flopped over it.

Shoes: I pair this top with black shorts and a mid height black wedge heel. 
Jewelry: Black and gold chandelier earrings
Hair: Down or swept to the side


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