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Friday, July 1, 2016

Bougie Girl: Courtship Essays-Social Media Courtship


You have been cordially invited to our courtship…brought to you by social media and our strong desire to be in a constant state of validation. During the past few weeks, you may have noticed a slow but steady influx of our joint statuses, tagged photos, and various check ins.

This may have caused you to wonder about whether or not we are dating.

We certainly have not taken the ultimate step of officially announcing our relationship status but, it’s coming. We have only gone on a couple of dates but, all them took place in scenic locales.

The kind of places which offer numerous opportunities for cute couple photos which will no doubt invoke undeserved envy in both of our respective social media associates.

We will spend a couple of months taking photos of the local eateries and hotspots. Sometimes, we will add a romantic photo of a sunset with a hazy heading which discusses the importance of “waiting for the right person” to come along. Also, we will include a hashtag or two stating that we are #blessed.

You will look at your own crumbling relationship or unwanted single status and wonder why you are not leading the life that we do.

In about six months, our joint posts will reach their peak of sappiness but, you will not know that we are barely on speaking terms. Yes, we are still going out on fabulous date nights but, we pay more attention to our phones than each other.

Both of us are bored but, we feel as though we have committed to portraying this persona of new relationship bliss.  To back out now, would be too embarrassing. Plus, it would be letting down our social media associates whom are attempting to pattern their real relationship after our social media based one.

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