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Breakup Essays-Essay #7 Failed Reconciliation

Both of you have vowed that this time around will be completely different. No more screaming matches, cheating, and/or other dysfunctional behaviors which destroyed the last incarnation of your relationship. This isn’t the first time that you have both vowed to make this relationship work. Technically, you are on the fifth attempt of putting this relationship back together.
You both love one another so much but, outside circumstances seem to always collude in an effort to keep you both apart. You have gone to both individual and couples counseling. You tried chakra cleansing, past life regression, support groups, self-help books, and crystal healing. Nothing seems to be able to keep you two from sliding into the cesspool of psychodrama.
Both of your inner magnets seems to draw in the tidal wave of psychodrama. It is prevalent by the means in which you snap at one another for the slightest perceived infraction. Yet, still you insist that the love you feel for one another trumps all of the toxic negativity that surrounds you both.
Is it really love or just fear which brings the both of you colliding back into one another?
What will it take for you to admit that your reconciliations are nothing more than stall tactics designed to prevent you from personal growth? Will you have to witness your adult children engaging in this type of fear based behavior before it occurs to you both to call it quits completely?


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