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Ten Monologues For Women: Monologue #5-I am Gonna Be A Star!

I came out here via Greyhound bus. Typical small town girl,big dreams stuff. You’ve heard the story a million times. I am a walking cliché in this town.  The star hometown thespian heads to Hollywood to pursue her dreams of fame and fortune.  

  I made a deal with my parents that I would at least finish my four year degree before venturing out here. The streets here are filled with Ivy-League degreed women from better family trees than mine and of course way more financial reserves. These chicks can afford to party with the rich and famous. Thusly enabling them to gain entre into some starlet’s entourage. These days even being a bit player in a C list celebrity’s entourage can get you a reality show deal on some random cable network.

Well,my parents are both small town high school teacher which isn’t impressive enough to get me access to a D list entourage. Oh well.   I mean, I haven’t done too badly for myself. I was able to land a long-term substitute teaching gig.  I live in West LA and not the Valley. That’s something at least.  I don’t even bother going to casting calls cuz everyone knows those are just a formality.

 Most of the parts they have you read for are already locked up by someone else. Instead, I post dramatic readings on Youtube and even sing a couple of songs. So far my channel has like a couple thousand hits. I did get hired to do a voice over for one of the local taqueria’s here.  It was pretty exciting. 

I have been here for a few years and it’s cool. I wanna be star and yet a part of me thinks that I would be happier teaching drama at my hometown high school. Or even starting a performing arts center there. 

And don’t get me started on dating here. It’s like a joke. All the eligible men here either want other men. (Which is cool,cuz I am a supporter of the gay community. ) Or they want some 21 year old chick with no clue about life.  So, at 25, I am over the hill. There goes my dreams for my marriage and family…  

But, this place isn’t geared towards families. It’s set up for the sole purpose of creating and promoting… stars. 


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