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We'll Always Have Newport-Chapter 21: Returning To My Homeport (Conclusion)

(July 2012)

I am scheduled to move in a couple of days. The last of my Navy family shipped out last week. I miss the terribly but, social media keeps us updated on one another's lives. Although, it is still not the same as being able to meet them for Happy Hour or a last minute potluck party.

My local crew is helping me to find good homes for random household and clothing items. My church was delighted to receive several boxes of donations from me for the annual yard sale which occurred earlier this summer. The apartment is virtually empty. All of the furniture has been sold or given away.

The infamous air mattress is the only thing left in my bedroom. It is still as uncomfortable as I remember. I wonder how the Sailor and I managed to sleep on it for a month during an historic heatwave without killing one another.

The Sailor shipped out of Newport earlier this year. During the time after our breakup, we kept in frequent and then more sporadic contact. There was so much sadness on both sides of the equation that it was best to limit our contact.

The bond between us will always be strong but, we are better as platonic friends than life partners.

Though our plans of matrimony did not come to fruition, we will always have the memories of the crazy heatwave, cooking adventures, kite flying, long philosophical discussions, and of course Newport, Rhode Island.

In the Sailor's absence, I rebuilt my life from top to bottom in an unfamiliar place far from a majority of my friends and family. People will leave your life and it is sad when they go. But, new people are always around the corner. We just have to be willing to let them into our lives.

Newport, Rhode Island will always hold a special place in my heart. I will miss my Navy family and my local crew. Yet, a part of me is looking forward to the adventures that await me in Kansas.

Though more than likely said adventures in Kansas will not involve strolling on a beach, eating freshly caught seafood, trying to decipher New Englandese, and/or watching the ships come into the harbor.

The End


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