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You Smiled In Her Face...And Thought About Your Fallback Girl

You smiled in her face and vowed to never leave her side. Yet, here you are on the phone with your fallback girl begging for another chance. You were wrong to walk out and run to someone else. It's just this thing that seems to happen each and every time you start to experience an iota of personal growth.

Your fallback girl knows the score and is happy to have you back for how ever long that you decide to least that's what she tells whilst scrolling through your phone. She is wondering why your shared history is not enough to keep you chained to her side or at the very least enthralled with the idea of being with her forever.

You married your wife to spare your fallback girl from having to take you back. Yet, your wife (soon to be ex) made unrealistic demands on you. She wanted you to stay faithful and exhibit loyalty. These are not natural behaviors for you but, still you smiled and humored her.

It was the best four months of your life until, you started feeling the familiar grasping at your soul.

Your bride does not even pick up on the fact that you are experiencing a heavy dose of anxiety and the desire to jump ship. You begin distancing yourself away from her and she does not even seem to notice. Which makes you desire to stay in the marriage. Perhaps, it is your ego or even your curiosity. One day a text comes through her phone while she is in the shower.

You pick up the phone and read the text. It states that your bride should move on with her life and stop bugging her married ex. You are assuming that the author of the text is the wife of her Ex.

You dial the number and an angry woman answers. You identify yourself and her anger comes down about 10 levels. In fact the tone of her voice shifts from anger to sympathy. She spends the next few minutes detailing how your new bride's infidelity.

You are so angry. How dare she cheat on you with an Ex? Sure, you may have dreamed and longed for your Fallback girl but, you never cheated.

A few minutes pass and your new bride is still in the shower. You look around the room. Most of the stuff in it is stuff that you purchased together. But, you have never been materialistic sort of person.

You pack up all of your clothes and start hauling them out to your car.

She steps out the shower as you come back upstairs for the last of your things. Her long brown hair is up in a top knot and she is engulfed in a white billowy terry cloth robe

Confusion fills her face.

"Your Ex's wife has asked that you stop contacting him."

Her face falls and she opens mouth but, no words come out.

You take this opportunity to grab up your duffel bag of shoes and walk out of the door.


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