Epic Meal Or Epic Fail

Sometimes, a recipe just calls to you. Yet, you may be too busy or even reluctant to heed its call. Perhaps, the ingredients seem a little too off the wall, yet the intuitive part of your cooking soul knows that they would taste heavenly together.

I run into these situations a lot. However, I have learned over the years to follow my culinary instincts because they generally lead to yummy meals.

I started created meals with lavash bread back in 2009. It was on sale at Trader Joe's and it looked interesting enough. What transpired shortly thereafter consisted of thin crust pizzas being baked in my toaster oven with 2  light brush strokes of marinara sauce, a bit of grapeseed oil, chopped shallots and topped with prosciutto. I also managed to use lavash bread for breakfast burritos and quesadillas.

Alas, lavash bread has let me down a time or two. For example, it has a nasty habit of burning easily and becoming too crunchy to consume. Fortunately, it only took me a couple of mishaps with a too hot oven for me to realize this.

I am willing to cook just about anything once because each time I am successful, it adds another meal to my repertoire.


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