Happy Memories From The Farm

My paternal grandparents farm and the property surrounding it used to be one my most favorite places in the world. Of course, by the time, I arrived in the world, the farm was in a semi-retired state. But, there were still a couple of horses being stabled there, a few chickens, some crops, and a huge backyard garden.

Each summer we spent about a month hanging out with my father's side of the family. Every day we spent an hour or two working in the garden. My grandmother insisted on us wearing long gardening gloves, over-sized smocks, and wide brimmed straw hats.

After our tour of gardening duty, we spent the remainder of the day exploring the property and trying to catch rabbits and/or frogs.

My grandparents and my father have since passed on but, the happy memories of the place live on within me.


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