Consolidating Under Wacky Energy

During the past month or so, the energy has been straight up wacky with huge bits of angers strewn about it for good measure. I have witnessed the way in which several relationships and associations have been completely blown apart by the slightest provocation. Granted, said relationships and associations were probably not exactly healthy in the first place yet, the endings were emotionally violent nonetheless.

Which brings me to this evening's blog topic of consolidation. A few years ago, I started blogging about topics related to career and vocational pursuits. At the time, I followed conventional blogging wisdom and set up separate blogs to cover the aforementioned topics. However, these days, I want everything under the umbrella of one blog which I am happy to announce will be this one.

I want to take a moment to thank the current wacky energy for assisting me with this decision. Life is going to be a whole lot simpler and this blog will go back to being filled with fiction prose, career and vocational advice, my take on dating, and the overall randomness which my readers have come to expect from me.

Have a nice night and don't let this current wacky energy get you down.


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