Average As A Starting Point

We live in the age of entrepreneurial gurus. They shout at us about the dangers of being average and how mediocrity is hell on earth. Perhaps, this type of motivation could be appropriate for a certain population of folks whom are stagnating in their golden cages of comfort and are in the need of a wake up call.

Yet, what about people whom are struggling to even get to the point of average?

Can they reasonably expect to go from 0 to awesome in a short amount of time?

Wouldn't it be better if those whom are on the bottom financial rung in society aimed to be average first before rocketing to awesome?

Not everyone aspires to be a superstar some want to set up a stable environment so that their children and younger generations have a shot of doing so.

Should we demonize them because their aims are much less ambitious than those whom subscribe to the philosophy of "Go big or go home"?


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